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<center><img src=http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/303/e/5/kirihime_natsuno_by_studio_red_bear-d6sfs43.jpg width=500><body background=http://freedownwallpaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/wallpaper-black-67.jpg><font face=times new roman><font size=2><i>

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Notoro Otomi




Occular Scarlet

Enhanced Human

Drama Club

3rd Class

- Stealth
- Weaponry Use

<b><i>Weapon Manifestation</b><font face=times new roman>
Notoro has the ability to manifest or create weapons, the limit is only her imagination though she is not capable of creating things such as atomic bombs or napalms.
The weapons can be created from afar instead of in her grasp and others are capable of grabbing/using her weapons. Examples of this ability would be daggers, hand guns, rockets, shields and so on.

<a href="http://31.media.tumblr.com/e7fdcd100ddf454cbd09a359d8a44576/tumblr_mr2yfeGB0J1rcwfsgo1_500.gif"><b><s>Occular Scarlet</s></b></i></a>
Her pupils dialate a darkred color and her occular abilities are heavily enhanced. Notoro becomes capable of seeing through physical substances as well as have a 360 degree view. Her eyes will become capable of picking up the view from others, essentially seeing through another person's eyes. In the end she will be capable of canceling all of her eye-sight, making her completely blind which increases her hearing capabilities heavily.

<b>Silent Killer</b>
Notoro is capable of moving at high speeds while surpressing the noise her body makes to a minimum. She is also proficient with silencing her foes at such a speed the target barely notices until they are lying upon the floor, lifeless. Notoro's aim with fire arm's such as pistols is well enough to ensure that her target will be hit unless moving at high speeds. She could be considered somewhat of an assassin.

<b>Trained Body</b>
Notoro's physical abilities does not transcend that of human limits though her body functions are far superior than that of an average human's. Her reflexes are what she is most proud of though her speed and agility are quite impressive as well. She can perform heavy energy draining tasks for quite a while, a product of her strong will and determination. She can hear things from afar extremely well and her flexibility is second to none.

<b>Scarlet Eyed Actress</b>
Although most may not be able to tell by a mere glance at her, she is a exceptionally well Actress. She has the ability to alter her mood, personality or voice to meet the role she has been given or handle certain situations of deception as if she were being truthful. She can also switch costumes or clothing in a timely fashion for certain performances that require it.

Notoro is currently wearing an average highschool uniform, a black tank top and a highschool shirt over it. Below she wears a dark blue short-skirt and purple and black shoes. Over all of these however she wears a bulletproof light-weighted trenchcoat. Jewelry, red ear-rings--that is all. Hidden away in her room is a black scarf as well as a black pair of jeans.

<a href="http://31.media.tumblr.com/e1d34b3e9fc063d4956920f541e26708/tumblr_mpbp3lqR771rjhbbio1_500.gif">
<b>Scene 1</b></i></a> - <i>"Deceptive Acts In The Day Of Shadows"

This story does not begin when Notoro was born into this world, rather it begins when her first mission was given to her and when her life truly began to turn for the worst. <b>Time: 11:24</b>, <b>Time Of Day: Night</b>
At the age of 15 there lied a female by the name of Notoro, crouched against a crate with a katana in hand. Blood steadily leaked from her arm, the wound seemingly created by a rather large cut. Sudden footsteps were heard, tap, tap, tap. Her eyes drifted to the sound and she closed her eyes as all hope of escaping the scene was lost for her. <"This can't be how it ends.."> As the sound neared her she rushed from the cover of the crate and tackled the figure, the blade of her katana aimed towards the throat of said person "!!!" -- "Hey! Hey, hold oonn!, It's me..!" A friend of her's said in a hushed tone of voice, wearing nothing but black clothing and a mask. Notoro realized the figure was her friend and returned to the cover of the crate. "S-sorry, I thought you were---" She was suddenly slapped, a frown now upon the friend she sat beside. "That was risky, we could have died..Notoro. Now let's escape and get you to the hospital, we have may have failed our mission but atleast we are still alive." Notoro nodded and lead the team to an exit, that being an window which Notoro became to slip through first. "!!!" A tug was felt by her friend as she attempted to follow and she was pulled back onto the ground, "We found them!"

Spot-lights focused upon Notoro's friend within the warehouse and within the middle lied the female with a pistol pressed against her forehead "You fucking assassins, I can't fucking--GAAH! Where the fuck is that other bitch who attempted to kill the boss? ---TELL ME!" Notoro peaked through the opening of the window, grabbing her wound and squinting as she attempted to enter once again. She stopped however when she saw her friend lightly shake her head. "Go..On..Without..Me" The girl mouthed, which was followed by a tear and a smile to confirm her decision was final. Notoro felt a mixture of sadness and distraught as she had been the reason her friend joined the mission in the first place, a tear flowed down to her cheek and she nodded before escaping the scene. "POW!" The sound of a pistol being fired head almost instantly afterwards.

<a href="http://24.media.tumblr.com/01f78cc84e7816f358b9292d8df8e574/tumblr_mpa0nsnPJU1s8166so5_r1_250.gif">
<b>Scene 2</b></i></a> - <i>"The Path Towards Moving On"

<b>Time: 9:42</b>, <b>Time Of Day: Morning</b>
With a lowered head she attempted to wash away the blood caused by last night's event away in a shower. The steaming water trickled down her skin though she didn't seem to mind, her mind continously replayed the scene. "Why!" She yelled while slamming her fist against the tile, "Why couldn't I have--" Notoro stopped herself from continuing the sentence and rose her head before turning off the shower. After preparing herself for the day she headed towards school, Meizeraki High. She stayed within the shadows for the most part, still dwelling upon the pass as the one who normally would be walking with her no longer seemed to exist. "Hey!--Hey Notoro!" A female called her from a distance though she hesitated to respond, wiping the tear from her eye she approached the female. "You wanna try to join a club with me? I dunno where Mufae is..but uh..yeah. How about it?" Notoro thought for a moment, then accepted seeing it nothing more as a way to release the stress that had build upon it'self since 9 pm yesterday.

<a href="http://25.media.tumblr.com/b501d9b519774438a80bd2ea12ae2ab1/tumblr_mqnv25FKuJ1r76d82o1_500.gif">
<b>Scene 3</b></i></a> - <i>"Joining A Club!"

<b>Time: 12:16</b>, <b>Time Of Day: Afternoon</b>
The two girls roamed the school, attempting to find a club to audition or try out for. Upon walking by the boxing club Notoro caught glimpse of a male before upper-cutted into the air, it was amusing to say the least and drew her attention. "Let's goto this one." "Eh--Boxing?" "Yep" "Er..mmk!" The two entered and so began their try outs.

<b>One Hour Later</b> . . .

Notoro slammed her left foot forward before delivering a left hook straight into the side of her opponent, sending her straight to the ground where she continued her attack. Delivering a flurry of quick jabs to the female until her opponent no cried for help, <"I failed you! I failed! FAILED! You died because of me!"> She thought mentally as her pent up aggression and anger was wasted on her opponent, Notoro was pulled off the girl and told to leave the boxing club for being too aggressive and not following the rules. "Meh.." she said after exiting the showers, her friend now maintaining a distance after seeing what Notoro was capable of. Afterwards the two passed the threater room, a play being held which of course drew Notoro in. It was something that she knew nothing of though was instantly intrigued by. She watched the performance until it came to an end and demanded she was given an audition, after being accepted she was given the role of a high school female who was recently suspended and had secret plans of killing another female who she deemed responsible. She felt a tad nervous at first, though she quickly assumed the role she was given and played it rather flawlessly. Receiving a large applause afterwards which caught her off guard to say the least, she gazed upon the many persons clapping for her and began to feel as if acting is what she was meant for, escaping reality and being another person in the name of entertainment. "Thank you all!~" She said with a bow.

<a href="http://31.media.tumblr.com/ac48461db786138119cf456f76f307e1/tumblr_mpctch9BQZ1qa94xto1_500.gif">
<b>Scene 4</b></i></a> - <i>"Success & Now"
Two years had passed since the death of her dear friend, as well as the day when she was accepted into the drama Club. Since then Notoro was dramatically improved her skills with acting, as well as her stealth abilities though she has vowed never to use them outside of training again. Now at the age of 17 she looked at herself through the mirror, features noticabley improved though her dark red eyes still gave off the impression she was evil--atleast to her. "What is there for me in life?" She said beginning to question her purpose. Was she to become a professional actress or merely an assassin who dies along with their secrets. The answer is what the future lies in store, until then..she will continue her path towards finding a purpose in life. She is..

"Notoro, Otomi!"


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