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Post by Kunsumi on Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:36 am

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"<i>To hell with your beliefs! I-I'll..I'll follow my own path.."



142 Lbs






<i>"<b><u>Strength</u></b> is the key to success.."</i>
Subjected to training simulations in early life, a female by the name of 'Nimi' found herself sporting an odd helmet with a skin-tight suit to match. "You.." In hordes, droid like beings swarmed with a killing intent imbedded within their circuits and programming. --SHHNG-- The slice of a blade echoed throughout the air, Nimi seen with a katana of her own desire. Quickly she moved, contorting her body about while within the air and utilizing her acrobatic manuevering to lay waste to her foes. "What is the cause.." Standing in the midst of a pile of defeat, she flicked her hair to the side. Averting her eyes upward, she found her mother, a shockling resemblence between the two, nodding with hands intertwined behind her back and leaving the scene. "I believe she is ready.." Her mother admitted, the simulated areas Nimi acknowledged as tangible fantasies beginning to fade from beneath her. "Tch!--" With training complete, she promptly left the area and found herself being escorted back home. Afterall, she was the offspring of a powerful women and former legend.

"<b>Diverged Paths, Pleas <b>Denied.</b></b>"
Within the crippling grip of her mother, she found herself with both a loss of breath and resolve. Her plea to live her days as a normal human being was denied yet again. " you mean to disgrace our legacy, dearest? You <b>WILL!</b> stand at the very top or crumble beneath the debree, Nimi. From this day forth you are a student of Rockwell Academy, perhaps they can educate you in ways I cannot." Suddenly, she was forced closer towards her mother only to feel the affectionate lips of her mother press against her cheek. "You will become great, it is within your blood." The following month preparing to enter her new academy, she was told to manifest the structure of her guardian through imagination. With such imagination, it was said that new possibilities would open up for the child. In Nimi's mind, it meant gaining the ability to diverge or dictate her own future. This being her fuel, she found herself within the Rockwell Academy as an official student. Her goal? To remain under the watchful eye of both the academy and her mother long enough to gain the strength needed to lay waste to the very woman that dared to deny her freedom. From such hatred, she discarded her own last name and began her days as a dependant entity of futuristic uprisings.

"She is..Nimi!"

<b>1).</b> Battle 101:
<b>2).</b> Guardian History 101:
<b>3).</b> Gym:


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Post by Kunsumi on Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:36 am

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"<i>You're worthless.."
A guardian constructed from Nimi's imagination. Humanoid in form, yet a being imbued with a superiority complex and hatred for the weak.
Mouth to neck, she is pure bone in the sense that her vocal abilities are faint, weak, resulting in her destroying part of her neck from hatred of such.




<b>Energy Level</b>

[ <i><b>Legendary Presence</b></i> ]
While on the battle field, STRENGTH allows a sliver of her dominative presence to reach the physical plane. Thus, calling forth a dark, malevolent aura to radiate from her figure and insue the field temporarily, extracting 200 power from the opponent.

[ <i><a href="">Heibel's Summoning</i></a></i> ]
Within STRENGTH's cluches materializes her trusty greatsword. This adding a total of 100 points to her energy levels.

[ <i><b>Subjective Denial</b></i> ]
Allowing Heibel, her trusty greatsword, to absorb and negate an ability, she unleashes a rippling wave of black and white energy from her blade using the negated ability as its source of power.

[ <i><b>Pawn's Order</b></i> ]
As the dominant figure, she issues a command to her pawns, also known as her opponents, and subjects a world card to altering to one from her arsenal.

<b>_______________W_O_R_L_D - C_A_R_D_S_______________</b>

[ <i><b>Homeward Return</b></i> ]
A plain of complete black with large cubes hovering within the air. +100 to All <b>DARK</b> attributes, -50 to all other attributes.

[ <i><b>Underworld's Praise</b></i> ]
Allows re-use of an already used ability.


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