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Post by Kunsumi on Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:29 pm

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Grok Odi





- Level: 3
- Quest Point: 9

<li type=square><b><u><i>Clothes:</b></u></i> <s>T-Shirt, Skirt</s>, Loin-Cloth, -----
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<li type=square>" <b><u><i>Oni's Rage</i></b></u> "
Grok's rage forces her physical condition to alter, resembling that of an Oni, or "Demon of Rage" as her eyes dialate red and her muscles grow immensely. A horn stems from her forehead, this alternation granting <font color=orange><b>enhanced strength, durability</b></font> and <font color=orange><b>endurance</b></font>. In this state, her strength, degree of willpower and actions are dictated by rage.

<li type=square>" <b><u><i>Oni's Projection</i></b></u> " <font color=yellow>[ <b>Level 3 Unlock!</b> ]</font>
Grok's rage takes on a physical form: A raging flame, essentially. As of now, it can only be utilized to engulf a specific part of her body in flames to increase destructive force without inflicting physical harm to herself. This atop being hurled or launched in the form of flaming projectiles. Though not classified as magic, her flames burn as bright as her rage.

<li type=square>" <b><u><i>Experienced Combatant</i></b></u> "
Grok is rather experienced in 'Brawling', utilizing nearly any aspect of her body to subdue or end her targets in an aggressive manner. This atop of having a minimal amount of experience with blunt weapons whether make-shift or in her inventory.
<img style="border:1px solid #ffffff;" src="" width=450>

<b>"R-run! The Bandit Leader Grok is here!"</b> Odd, huh? A once battle hardened female growing weary of her weak competetors and falling back on the life of thievery and onslaught. She was seen as a demon, blowing through village after village in the attempt to find a worthy opponent. Her might was second to none, obsession with combat a product of the immense rage she possessed. To exert or express herself, she fought, defeated and grew into what most called a 'Demon of Rage'. Whether orc or half breed, they bowed in defeat before her. Only until she underestimated the infamous demon that lurked in unknown lands did she finally meet her match. The land was gray, cracked with magma spewing from every crevice. She traded blows with a massive, horn demon of rage: The Oni! Her once large bandit cliche were reduced to detached limbs and roasted flesh. Her strength appeared inferior, for once, body beginning to buckle due to the physical abuse she forced herself through. She tackled the creature, rolling upon ash, obsidian and rock and before the opening of a volano.

She held the creature before the opening, unknowing of its oncoming eruption which spewed magma and destruction alike. This resulted in the demon's body being reduced to only a horned head, eyeing and grunting at the barbarian that dared challenge it. Before death, the Oni extracted its own essence and forced it within Grok, possessing her with the rage of an oni and a small portion of its own power. The following year, she found herself no longer with the a bandit group and need to battle. She had found her equal, afterall. The Barbarian stumbled across Terra, limping and bleeding alike. With no explanation for how she acquired her newly acquired abilities, she sought out to find a new, better and stronger opponent. Afterall, she had been possessed by the demon of rage. Calling upon her rage to gain the upper hand in life whether for the better, or for the worst.

"She is..<b>Grok Odi!"</b>


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