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"<i>Even those without a born gift can become legendary"
<s>Vermillion T. Wright</s> Vemmy



<b>Nation/ Tribe</b>
Merchant's Valley

<b>Bending Element</b>

<b>Bending Mastery</b>

Vemmy is a rather energetic female to say the least. Matched with playful habits and tendencies that are directed towards those she enjoys to be around, primarily friends. She is easily distracted by items of high quality and she loves nothing more than to put her abilities to the test by training, battling and learning more about the human body and what it is capable of. In situations uncalled for, she has a tendency to speak louder. However, she performs a code-switch when in battle. Becoming a Steadfast, calm and alert manifestation of destruction that loves to see nothing more than benders crippled and temporarily detactched from their abilities given at birth. She is not fond of sweets and those who can make her laugh are treasured above all others. There is much more to say but this is just the gist of her personality.

<b><u>Human Body Knowledge:</u></b> Vemmy has a vast knowledge that pertains to the human body. Where all chi-points are located as well as
other areas in the body where a cluster of nerves exist. This skill is what aids her in taking down or disabling her enemies in combat with relative ease.

<b><u>Trained Body:</u></b> Although she is far from physically weak, Vemmy prefers agile movements over brute strength. Her speed, agility and most of all flexibility are far greater compared to
average humans. She can climb with relative ease and perform heavy energy taxing actions for extended periods of time, a result of her endurance.

<b><u>Acrobatic Prodigy:</u></b> Using coordination, flexibility and speed as well as accuracy she perform stunning acrobatics feats. Contorting her body in ways that would normally be considered impossible.
She can also use her enviornment to her advantage, scaling up buildings or tree's with ease to reach a certain desintation quicker.

<b><u>Chi-Block:</u></b> Vemmy is capable of blocking the Chi that resides within living beings. This is done by hitting pressure points with quick jabs and punches
that are performed at a rapid speed, in most cases rendering her foes attacked before a reaction can be made. Vemmy does this most oftently through light jabs with her fingers
and knuckles though she is capable of chi-blocking with her feet as well, replacing light jabs with swings of her feet.
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____ <b>Biography</b> ____
In this world, there are a significant amount of beings born with an elemental gift. A gift that aids said person in carving a way towards victory and making a name for themselves throughout the world. However, in this case a female by the name of Vermillion T. Wright was gifted with nothing. Not an element, nor a high class of living and complete safety from predators. Having grown up without the aid of an elemental ability, she was picked on to say the least, bullied and harrassed constantly. To run away from such a horrible existence, she secluded herself to wild-life. She ran away from her low-income family oftently to live in a forest, months at a time. A place where creatures talked not with words, but action. A place where she could express her love for running, climbing and scaling and finally, a place where she could learn from animals. The stance creatures take when they feel threatened to how they simply walk, how they climb and eat and most importantly how they co-exist with other creatures without the use of words. Upon returning home she was scolded as usual though accepted into the arms of her parents who loved her unconditionally, eventually being taught by her father a certain thing that would sculpt her into the threat she is today. He taught her about the human body, thing such as pressure points, bone locations, where chi resides and the effects of it being blocked in a living being. This fascinated her to say the least, it opened up new opportunities for her and could perhaps allow her to prove to others that a being born with nothing can still..become a legend. She took what she learned from her father and applied it to a form of combat, a form of combat that would render her opponents' bending disabled and them to realize the greater threats of the world are those without born abilities. Beings that struggle, adapt to their harsh living conditions and become stronger because of it. This continued for years, training, becoming strongr both mentally, spiritually and physically until she was recognized as an adult in her parent's eyes. They allowed her freedom, meaning she now chose what to do and where she went and as a result the female known as Vermillion gave herself a nickname. A nickname that she would spread throughout the world while teaching others the fundamentals of becoming a legend. "Vemmy" is the name she chose and only time will tell what dangers and hurtles she will be forced to overcome though with those standing by her side, she will prevail and continue to push towards become nothing short of a Legend.

"She is..Vemmy!"


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