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Post by Kunsumi on Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:07 pm

Pride Etsuko Pop.(Smile.Precure).600.1369507

Name: Pride Etsuko

Age: 16

Alignment: Hero

Race: Human

Abilities / Powers: Felion Physiology - Traits, abilities and forms from felions such as enhanced flexibility, enhanced speed, enhanced strength, enhanced senses, enhanced jump, enhanced balance. This ability also giving causing his skin to become more of a lion's color, as well as felion ears and a large tail.

Smoke Manipulation:Allows him to create, control and become smoke. He can manipulate the smoke's density to make it thick or thin, allowing him to hold and constrict others within it. He can fly by turning his lower body into smoke and propelling himself like a rocket.

Skills: Swordsmanship - Skilled to the teeth with his large katana training has allowed him to become a well swordsman. Using even the blunt side of the katana for non - lethal actions instead of cutting down all in his path.

Acrobatics: This allow's him to perform gymnastic like maneuverability in combat with little effort. Flips and such would be an example of this skill.

Adept Flautist: In his spare time he has practiced using the flute, becoming quite well with it over the years. However he seems to have a problem with sharing this talent with the world and there rarely will be seen playing the instrument for others.

History/Information Files/Biography:
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