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Kim Ge - The Tornado Kid Empty Kim Ge - The Tornado Kid

Post by Kunsumi on Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:52 pm

Kim Ge - The Tornado Kid Gon.Freaks.600.1585260
Name: Kim Ge ( Kuh - Em | Jee )

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Occupation: Archeologist

Alignment: Good

Power: Cyclone Spinning - Kim has the power to spin at a rapid speed for both offensive and defensive purposes ,the appearance of himself when doing so is that of a tornado. The color when doing so of course is light green and he is able to spin the lower half of his body to propell himself into the air like a jet. His proficiency with this power has increased to the point where he can spin other items at a rapid speed, as well as create tornado's on a lower scale and increase the size of the tornados he is able to create. To be exact, The tornado's he create are normally the height of 9 feet tall max and 10 feet wide.

Weaponry/Inventory/Skills: Kim has an adept proficiency with hand to hand fighting, striking his targets with quick and powerful jabs and such making his fists his initial weapon. He also has an adept proficiency with bo-staffs, utilizing them for close to mid range combat battles and using his ability to spin rapidly and using it for this weapon allowing it to have better offensive and defensive battle styles. The bo staff he currently uses is strapped to his waist, it is extendable up to 5 feet maxed and can be reverted to 1 feet for traveling uses. He also uses gloves that are black and cover all but his fingers, fingerless gloves to be exact.


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Kim Ge - The Tornado Kid Empty Re: Kim Ge - The Tornado Kid

Post by Kunsumi on Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:53 pm

Kim Ge - The Tornado Kid Gon.Freaks.full.1020568
Second Power: Simian Physiology - Kim has traits, abilities and forms of 'simians'. Which are basically the old world and new world monkeys. The abilities and traits given to him will be the ones listed, first of which are climbing which will allow him to scale up buildings for example with ease. Enhanced Agility which will allow him to perform one motion to another effortlessly such as dodging attacks, performing gymnastic like feats such as acrobatics and sprinting will become easier. Enhanced Bite to allow his teeth to become more sharp increasing his biting strength, Enhanced combat which will make him an unbelievablely skilled fighter in most forms of fighting. Enhanced dexerity which effects his ability to control his limbs easier making it harder to fall, or fumble. Enhanced endurance which effects their ability to work at low power settings, breathing longer and running for longer periods etc. (11,250) Enhanced strength which will allow him to exert great strength from his muscles increasing his lifting strength, punching strength and such lifting strength being as great as allowing him to lift a killer whale with a single hand and punching strength allowing him to crush a large boulder with one punch. Prehensile Feet which will be revertable and will allow him to have feet that act as an extra pair of hands, Prehensile tail which will be a tail which he could use as an extra limb.


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