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Post by Kunsumi on Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:45 pm

</table><center><body background="" bgproperties="fixed"><table border="1" bordercolor="transparent" style="background-color:transparent" width="1200" style="filter: glow(color=#000000, strength=3)"> <tr><td><font face="tahoma"><font size=2><font color="#ffffff"> <center><table border=1 bgcolor="Black" cellspacing=0 bordercolor="#2E9AFE"><tr><td width=100><div style="height:338px;width:400px;overflow:auto; scrollbar-base-color:#A8A8A8;"><center><font face="georgia" size=-2 color="#58ACFA"><br><b>N A M E</b><br><font color=white>

<b>A G E</b><br><font color=white>

<b>G E N D E R</b><br><font color=white>

<b>R A C E </b><br><font color=white>
Human / Fishman "Fighter Fish"<br><br></font>

<b>H O M E - T O W N</b><br><font color=white>
East Blue<br><br></font>

<b>A F F I L I A T IO N</b><br><font color=white>

<b>P E R S O N A L I T Y</b><br><font color=white>
Trebol, a periodically over-emotional subject of memory loss. She stands for no one, or no thing. Yet, she is near-mindlessly loyal to any affiliation or group she claims. Trebol is blunt in speech, yet shy when expressing herself. The child is quickly angered but caring all the same. She bears a polar side of herself, one of blood-lust and ill-intent hidden deep within herself. More to be discovered. <br><br></font>


<table border=1 bgcolor="Black" cellspacing=0 bordercolor="#2E9AFE"><tr><td width=100><div style="height:168px;width:400px;overflow:auto; scrollbar-base-color:#A8A8A8;"><center><font face="georgia" size=-2 color="#58ACFA"><br><b>F I G H T I N G - S T Y L E</b><br><font color=white>
Fishman Jujutsu, "Bubble Art"<br><br></font>

<b>T E C H N I Q U E S</b><br></center>
<li type=square><b><i>Fishman Jujutsu: <font color=#81BEF7>"B. Family"</i></b><br>
<font color=white>----------Yet to be revealed.<br></font></font>

<li type=square><b><i>Fishman Jujutsu: <font color=#81BEF7>"Baby Bubble"</i></b><br>
<font color=white>----------Yet to be revealed.<br></font></font>

<li type=square><b><i>Fishman Jujutsu: <font color=#81BEF7>"Mama Bubble"</i></b><br>
<font color=white>----------Yet to be revealed.<br></font></font>


<table border=1 bgcolor="Black" cellspacing=0 bordercolor="#2E9AFE"><tr><td width=100><div style="height:455px;width:400px;overflow:auto; scrollbar-base-color:#A8A8A8;"><center><font face="georgia" size=-2 color="#58ACFA"><br><b>B A C K - S T O R Y</b><br><font color=white>
Origins unknown, a mere child with initially blue dreads washed ashore. Lacking clothing, she searched the island as if a new-born to life. Lost. Confused. She was branded a "nudist" for her over-exposure, and fled to the outskirts of the island in hopes of escaping the redicule. She stumbled across the marines, dogs of the world government, and was offered "answers" and "a better living" if she vowed her loyalty to the marines. She swabbed, cleaned and admittedly occasionally was forced to pleasure a leading officer in their chambers. Scarred, pieces of her sanity began to slip away, and her innocence was reaped. The child limped to the island, totting broken rifles. Thus began the end of her beginning. She found herself in the midst of a conflict between pirates, and marines in the capture of "Zayne", a supposed child of the former pirate king. Within time, more notable marine forces arrived, forcing her to choose between her new found friendship with an individual named "Kiensei" and the marines by which she swore herself to. Blinded by loyalty, she sided with the marines, later abandoned by the very orginzation as they drifted away in their ships in defeat. <br><br>
Trebol, abandoned once more, quickly snatched off her ties to the world government, effectively becoming neutral and in some sort apart of Kiensei's group. Be them pirates, or not. Time would change, the child learning more of her heritage. She found herself free in water, moreso than on land. After training extensively in water, she scrapped together a make-shift understanding of Fishman Jujutsu in the form of "Bubble Art." As her training proceeded, she matured as well, switching her dreadlocks for blue-colored long hair. Her once flat-chest blossoming into a B-Cup within a short-time span. However, with these new abilities and growth, a sinister calling found itself burrowed into her personality. The bi-product of her fishman heritage, being the aggressive species that they are, subjected her to meeting a blood-thirsty polar-opposite counter-part to herself that lives only to kill. This is but the beginning of her journey, however, and alongside her partners of whom don't abandon her like the rest, she intends to discover more of her origins and the darkness that lies within her. <br><br><font color=#81BEF7>

<b>"She is..<i>Trebol!</i>"</b></font>


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