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Miena H. // Taikoku City Empty Miena H. // Taikoku City

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</table><body style="background-color:#000000;">
<img style="border:1px solid #ffffff;" src="https://38.media.tumblr.com/d9f92cb1c34740fa800ce9b352e7d64e/tumblr_my29rddPd91t0hdd4o1_500.gif" width="400">
<table bgcolor=white><td width=395><font face=cambria><font size=1><font color=black><center>
<b><u>N A M E</u></b><font color=#585858>
Miena H.</font>

<b><u>A G E</u></b><font color=#585858>

<b><u>G E N D E R</u></b><font color=#585858>

<b><u>O C C U P A T I O N</u></b><font color=#585858>
Photographer // Detective</font>

<b><u>P O W E R</u></b>: Ghostly Apposal<font color=#585858>
<b>[ <b>10%</b>: Lingered Steps ]</b> Miena becomes capable of visualizing footprints in the form of glowing, white imprints upon the ground. To her only, they are distinguishable by owner of such steps and continue up from a mile away before they fade away.

<b>[ <b>20%</b>: <s>Haunting Leap</s> ]</b> As if by teleportation, Miena becomes capable of bursting in a certain direction by up to five meters at a given post. The bi-product of such movement is multiple, ghost like afterimages which vanish the following post.

<b>[ <b>40%</b>: <s>Ethereal Acceptance</s> ]</b> Entering an ethereal like state, she becomes capable of <b>invisibility</b>. In this state, she cannot be harmed, nor can she harm another. The set-back, however, is not only shortness of breath after the one post limitation has been reached, but it cannot be reused until the following day. "She who dwells amongst ghosts"

<b>[ <b>60%</b>: <s>Phantom's Emmission</s> ]</b> Miena becomes capable of drawing in ethereal-esque energies. Such energies used to project or 'emit' dark, pressurized beams which possess the ability to pierce or damage non-tangible factors such as ghosts, phantoms and the like. </font>
<font color=red><b>P O W E R - C O N T R O L:</b> 15%</font>

<b><u>I N V E N T O R Y</u></b><font color=#585858>
<li type=square><s>Gray Trench-Coat</s>
<li type=square>Standard Pistol [ <b>x2</b> ]
<li type=square>Highly Durable Camera
<li type=square><b>[ <font color=red>ICLY GAINED</font> ] Vine Whip</b>
Standard vine in appearance that adopts a razor sharp verocity upon being lashed.
<b><u>V E H I C H L E S</u></b><font color=#585858>
<button title="Click to show/hide content" type="button" onclick="if(document.getElementById('spoiler') .style.display=='none') {document.getElementById('spoiler') .style.display=''}else{document.getElementById('spoiler') .style.display='none'}"><font face=calibri> <b>S</b>tandard <b>M</b>otorcycle</font> </button>
<div id="spoiler" style="display:none"><img src=http://www.tuvie.com/wp-content/uploads/sora-electric-motorcycle1.jpg width=300><img src=http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/poohadventures/images/f/f2/F259fd94589793a07e2838c29563d9db-d5fxq77.png/revision/latest?cb=20150108023830 width=300></div></font></table>
<table bgcolor=white><td width=395><font face=cambria><font size=1><font color=black><center><img src=http://safebooru.org//images/1047/d0c9cfec369a8a3df6454d8f09dc96d118f1573a.png?1084825 width=395>

<b><u>H I S T O R Y</u></b><font color=#585858>
Within a world full of abnormalities and uncovered stories, a young intern by the name of 'Miena Hawken' arrived to the scene. From supplying coffee to reading murder case to murder case, she patiently awaited her opportunity to 'discover' instead of reading of other's discoveries. The unexpected passing of her mother delayed her plans of attending college, the dream to pursue a life in criminology and photography now within her grasp sooner than ever expected. Returning a late afternoon with coffee in her hand, she found herself standing idly by a murder scene--police insued the air, same as sirens and commotion. All sound quickly subsided, haunting whispers startling her and ringing within her ear. "Who did this to my wife!" She heard, "We have to track him down!" Her eyes flashed wide, coffee dropped and suddenly she found herself withina seemingly different realm. That of which haunting, ghostly figures roamed.

One towering above all hovered above her, pressing its skeletal fingers against her forehead and deeming her the "Ghostly Apposal" - She who carries a phantom's will through supernatural means. With a blink, she returned to the scene of blood. However, glowing white imprints stemmed from the scene and into a nearby alley. Following due to curiosity alone, she entered the alley only to find the culprit pressed against a trash-bin, bleeding profusely from the victim's struggle to live another day. She yelled aloud for the authorities and within minutes she found herself not only responsible for the culprit's arrest, but with an abnormal ability. Despite others of her 'gift', she was branded as 'schizophrenic'. The following month, she withdrew herself from counciling. Whether at home or outside, foot-prints were seen abroad. Within time, she was capable of intendifying a person by the glowing remnant of their foot-print despite never having prior knowledge of them. With such gifts, she continued on with her days in criminal investigator until she was promoted to an actual 'Detective'. As a side photographer, she stands at the front-line of the cases instead of devouring the feed of the press.

"She is..Miena Hawkens!"</font>


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