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Mafa K.

The Eeuropean Plutocratic Magi Families

<b>>> <a href=><u>S E N S O R Y</u></a> <<</b> [ 5 / 20 ]
Mafa's general range and kinship with sensory is 'enhanced', allowing her to sense magical entites, signatures and the like from a greater range than the normal mage. This skill was developed inadvertantly from Mafa's blindless, replaced for improved hearing, senses and sensory adaptation. Noted, this skill allows her to receive a gist of the tangible factors around her. Be it person, bullets, wild-life or poison gas.

<b>>> Signature Confidentiality <<</b> [ 5 / 20 ]
Acquired from her lineage's teachings of stealth and sensory, the two factors together provided Mafa with the ability to hide both her and her Servant's magical signatures.

<b>>> <a href=""><u>Prana - Reaper</u> </b></a><b><<</b> [ 21 / 50 ]
Mafa's palms house identical glyphs, glyphs of which opens a polar vortex of sorts that feasts on Prana. As such, when the glyph is activated, a powerful vaccum is created with a range of 25 feet, drawing tangible items toward with great force. The vaccum sucks in any hostile's prana within range. The drawback, however, is that the Glyph feasts on Mafa's life force as well after prolounged use of it. Resulting in her entire arm becoming numb for an extended period of time if overdone and or overused. This spell was inflicted upon her, a curse, in otherwords by her father. The vaccum draws 10 Prana per post from those caught within the spell's range. Her right palm with the second glyph, however, expels the drained prana in the form of prana-composed shockwaves or blasts. <b>[ Activation Cost:</b> 50 Per Glyph <b>]</b> <b>[ Usage Cost:</b> 10 Per Post <b>]</b>
<table border=0 width=900><td width=900><font color=white>
<b>S T A T S</b><font size=1>
<b>-<i>STRENGTH:</b></i> 1
<b>-<i>ENDURANCE:</b></i> 10
<b>-<i>AGILITY:</b></i> 11
<b>-<i>MANA:</b></i> 20
<b>-<i>LUCK:</b></i> 2
<b>-<i>PRANA:</b></i> 1000
<b>-<i>SAVING ROLLS:</b></i> 1</td></table><b>Back - Story</b>
There lived a child from magical descent, incapable of sight but born amongst her kin as the only <i>master</i> within two generations. Despite such accomplishments, her father labeled the child useless after watching the new-born child's eyes grow gray, indicating blindless from birth. She was neglected, forced into a small dark room over the years and thrown crumbs and such to sustain her life. What she lacked in sight, she grew to adapt and replace in hearing. Inadvertantly, she forced her sensory skills past normal capacity in hopes of one day hearing her parents open her locked room's door and locate the many rodents that harrassed her in the room. She began to produce visual pulses, spread throughout the room to gain a visual of her surroundings. After several years, she managed to learn the <i>prison's</i> entrance and exit, the door. She crawled toward it, opening it only to find her mother weeping on the outside before the door. For the first time, she touched her mothers face and cried along the woman. It had been 8 years, but they'd have officially just met. Word spread about that Maka could see, in a way. Despite her father's initial reluctance, her offered not an apology, but a curse for her taking several years. He imprinted a glyph upon the child, "You will damn any who grow close to you, Girl." The following night, her mother imprinted a counter-active glyph upon her other hand. "You will be free from captivity, soon enough." Under her mother's initial secrative training, she underwent sensory heightening despite her birth-given boon from blindness. Her family were known for being scouts, assassins and trackers.

Afterwards, she was introduced to magic by her father after proving more of a 'capable' member of the family, skill wise, than her older brother. Unalike the others however, she was only taught the necessary fundamentals of magic and certain incantations. As for actual spell usage, Mafa was only allowed to learn how to utilize her <i>curse</i>. First, she underwent to control and summon her gylph's vaccums upon command. Secondly, she learned how to expel the gathered prana leeched from others. However, her mother died before her lessons were complete. The spell's counter-part, although useless, was flawed and more of a hinderence to her new life as a mage. Within years, she honed her given skills and was allowed a handful of magical crystals. She was told of the Holy Grail War, a war of which she'd fall victim to without the assistance of a Servant. Mafa stood within the glyph or ritual-marking on the ground, located in her backyard. Her servant? Yet to be revealed. Afterall, she's yet to complete the incantation.

"She is..Mafa!"


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