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Post by Kunsumi on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:31 pm

<table border=2 width=400><tr><td><center><img src=http://safebooru.org//images/1309/25d3be9f09ca9858b9b39a425319d53160014dc1.jpg?1362147 width=400></table><font size=2><font face=courier><font color=#610B4B>
<< <b><u>Name</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>
<s>Fegu</s> TF45- >>F . E . G</font>

<< <b><u>Age</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>

<< <b><u>Sex</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>
Female / Cybernetic Being</font>

<< <b><u>Level</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>

<< <b><u>Quest Points</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>

<< <b><u>Nano-Ability</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>
F. E . G's respiratory system is immensely modified, bearing unnatural degrees of fortitude and functionality. As such, F.E.G is capable of producing powerful suctions or its counterpart, repelants. Through inhaling or exhaling, her mouth can open unrealistically wide to produce a powerful vaccum, capable of drawing anything tangible, even heavy in weight, towards her to be possibly sucked up by her. Her modified lungs can host heightened banks of oxygen, capable of being dispelled in an opposite effect as her suction, powerful, compacted blasts of air usually intended to blow anything, even heavy in weight, away. As a passive boon, she can swallow anything, whether bladed or harmful, poisons rendered null and ineffective. Upon sucking in products of technology, the material is turned into raw energy, poured into her own energy levels to permit boons in regeneration and endurance.</font>

<< <b><u>Arte</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>
F. E . G, through seemingly magical means, can excude a slippery substance through every orifice of her body. This substance is embedded into her physical being, altering her body upon command to become immensely slippery. As result, she can actually slip through friction for boons of speed. Also, this allows attacks such as punches and blunt works to seemingly slip off her body, leaving her unscathed.</font>

<< <b><u>Primary Weapon</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>
Unalike most weapons, F.E.G's weapon is a product of her Arte. Through producing enough of the slippery substance, she melded together a blob of it capable of being manipulated. Said blob can expand, alter form and density. Most commonly, it takes the form of a cape. However, it can shift into many works of weapons, whether a blade or giant hammer. Although its slippery and soft, it can become as hard as iron upon command.</font>

<< <b><u>Secondary Weapon</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>
Embedded within F.E.G's respiratory system is a series of bullets, capable of being exhaled or 'spat' out with force similar to actual guns. The bullets are swallowed, manually adjusted into numerous clips wedged into her complicated lung modifications, nested in a secret compartment of her lungs.</font>

<< <b><u>UTILITY</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>
Hidden within a tight comparment of her tight-fitting armor is an immensely thin case, nesting a pair of 'contact lenses'. Upon placing them on her pupils, her eyes take on a haunting lavender glow. Her primary, physical functions are forced into overload. As a result, her physical limits are exceeded for a short period of time, drastically increasing strength, speed, reflexes and the like for 5 posts. Additonally, her vision is increased by tenfold. Technological cybercodes branch throughout her cheeks, eyes capable of infared, x-ray and night-vision for the brief period activation is allowed.</font>

<< <b><u>ARMOR</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>
F.E.G is suitted with 'Zero' classed armor. Its composition is light-weight, skin-tight and despite its lavender hue, cloaks well within dark areas. The armor's interior is rather complex, nesting a system that regulates and or alters her body temperature. To avoid infared, her suit cloaks her heat-signatures, or provides heat in the case that her body is frozen or in below-sub temperatures. Additionally, the suit allows for reflexive, precise and easy body movements. Notabley, it takes on the same slippery composition her body does when her 'Arte' is activated. </font>

<< <b><u>BACK - STORY</b></u> >><font color=#ffffff>
A mere child applying lip-stick stolen from her mother, toying with make-up and such. "Big Lips," She child was labeled at school. A product of rich parents, she was tended to hand and foot. However, the bullying and redicule away from home forced her into running away. It was only until she was backed into a dead-end alley that a cloaked, cybernetic figure came to her defense, reducing the children with knives and iphones to mere cubes of flesh and bone. Her vision grew numb, her body weak and within a month, she woke up being prodded and tested in a large facility. The cloaked finger was beside her, now sporting a professor's attire. "You wished for a change, didn't you, Fegu?" She struggle to move, looking down at her lungs being bumped with odd fluids while being modified and such by a large and swiftly operating machine. Once more, her vision grew weak, waking up seemingly two years later to find herself being embedded with a series of data-logs and identity scriptures. She was revealed to be taken in by those known for producing 'AGENTS', extracted of the knowledge pertaining to her previous life. Her single mission was to protect, to defend, to grow. As she for her name?

"She is TF45 - F. E . G!"</font>

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