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Post by Kunsumi on Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:14 pm

<center><table border=1 bgcolor="white" cellspacing=0 bordercolor="#ffffff"><tr><td width=100><div style="height:850px;width:420px;overflow:auto; scrollbar-base-color:#A8A8A8;"></center><font face="Arial" size=-2 color="black"><img src= width=400><td><div style="height:400px;width:400px;overflow:auto; scrollbar-base-color:#000000;"><font size=1><font face=times new roman><font color=black>
<b><u>Name:</b></u><font color=gray> Alo G.</font>

<b><u>Age:</b></u><font color=gray> 19</font>

<b><u>Epithet:</b></u><font color=gray> That Girl / "Thunderthigh"</font>

<b><u>Gender:</b></u><font color=gray> Female</font>

<b><u>Race:</b></u><font color=gray> Human</font>

<b><u>Specifics:</b></u><font color=gray>
- Height: 5'10"
- Weight: 154 Lbs
- Hair: On Fleek, 24/7</font>

<b><u>Doriki:</b></u><font color=gray> 400</font>

<b><u>Occupation:</b></u><font color=gray> Mercenary</font>

<b><u>Devil Fruit:</b></u><font color=gray>
- Name: Kilo Kilo No Mi
- Class: Paramecia
- <b><u>Ability:</u></b> Essentially permits Alo the ability of altering her own weight from 1 to 10,000 kilograms without, in any way, affecting the overall size of her body.<b>[ Kilo - Kilo No Mi ]</b></font>

<b><u>Beli:</b></u><font color=gray> 580, 000</font>

<b><u>Items:</b></u><font color=gray>
- Smokes
- Lighter
- Flintlock Pistol <b>[ Single Shot</b> ]</font>

- <a href="">[ Big Ton: Reality Check ]</i></a>:<font color=gray> Essentially a weighted, 1,000 Kilo, Knee thrusted forward.</font>

- <b><u>[ Big Ton: Bitch's Stamp ]</u></b>:<font color=gray> Alo thrusts her weighted foot against the air itself, forcing the very air before her foot to compress and take on the form of her foot and surge toward her target. The air-composed foot mimics Alo's weight when the technique is used. Leaves foot imprint.</font>
<b><u>Back-Story:</b></u><font color=gray> Residing from the original blues came forth Alo, an orphan and previous mercenary. The child took up payed work at the age of 15 after being feared for her inability to control her devil fruit abilities. In short, a fruit was shoved down her throat by the age of 15 by a man hidden by robes and eyes similar to her own. She favored kicks, breaking down her client's targets with her lower-body primarily. In time, she became more familiar with her fruit and grew bored of the lack of challenge in her home blue. She'd come to yearn to enter the grand line in search of greater riches and new challenges. That's all. As for the male who gave her the fruit, he remains a mystery. <b>[ Her Father ]</b></font>

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