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<img src=http://safebooru.org//images/1136/aae9f308baf98558d12c3692b8ce81c844d085e4.png?1180706 width=300><body style="Background Color:White">
<center><table border=1 bgcolor="Black" cellspacing=0 bordercolor="#9F81F7"><tr><td width=100><div style="height:340px;width:400px;overflow:auto; scrollbar-base-color:#380B61;"></center><font face="candara" size=-2 color="#9F81F7"><b><u>N a m e</u></b><font color=white>
- Riftnus Valiban <b>[ - Rif - ]</b></font>

<b><u>A g e</u></b><font color=white>
- 27</font>

<b><u>R a c e</u></b><font color=white>
- Imperial</font>

<b><u>S k i l l s</u></b>
<li type=square><font color=white><b>Major:</b> Illusion Magic</font>
<li type=square><font color=white><b>Minor:</b> Enchantment</font>
<li type=square><font color=white><b>Minor:</b> Alteration Magic</font>

<b><u>A r m o r</u></b>
<li type=square><font color=white><a href="http://safebooru.org//samples/1292/sample_6ebac4bc277e07b75a260a51ab162beea0011fdf.jpg?1345658">[ Divine's Robes ]</i></a> A dress of robe quality, permitting no physical resistance. Instead, the multi-colored dress permits increases the regenative factor of her mana reserves.</font>

<b><u>W e a p o n</u></b>
<li type=square><font color=white><a href="https://2img.net/h/i57.photobucket.com/albums/g236/Roleplay_photos/earthstaff.jpg">[ Cane of Arcania ]</i></a> Essentially, a cane with an small orb-like dome resting upon its tip. The shaft is black, crafted of wood with the bottom portion coated in steel dyed black. The staff, or cane, has been imbued to allow a mage to cast 'Candlelight' and force the spell into the orb at the staff's tip, trapping it and allowing the caster to have a portable light source. Additionaly, The bottom portion coated in steel doubles as a blunt weapon.</font></table></td></table></div><b><font color=white>_____________________________________</b>
<center><table border=1 bgcolor="Black" cellspacing=0 bordercolor="#9F81F7"><tr><td width=100><div style="height:340px;width:400px;overflow:auto; scrollbar-base-color:#380B61;"></center><font face="candara" size=-2 color="#9F81F7"><b><u>C o i n</u></b><font color=white>
- 500C</font>

<b><u>S p e l l s</u></b>
<li type=square><font color=white> Calm</font>
<li type=square><font color=white> Candelight</font>
<li type=square><font color=white> Lightning Bolt</font>

<b><u>I n v e n t o r y</u></b><font color=white>
- Dress, Makeup, Staff, Hoop Earrings, <s>Carriage [ <b>Transportation</b> ]</s></font><center>
<b><u>B a c k - S t o r y</u></b><font color=white>
- Her story begins of herself at the age of 16, a once promising young woman who found herself in the Mage's league, the equivalent to a Mage's college. She stood amongst ten other mages enrolled for their hightened aptitude for the arcane arts. Said students were introduced to the college's leader, or highest in rank: Arcania. She cared not for him, but rather his staff at the time. Years would pass, herself being subjected to reading tome after tome, book after book and such. She grew tired of the lifestyle, eventually sneaking amongst a selected group of mages to explore an ancient tomb. The tomb was known to protect a sacred stone of rainbow-esque colors. Each mage stood around the large stone, beholding its magical properties in awe.

"No mage carries enough reserves to control this stone's power. He or she who touches this stone is said to obtain immense power, but at what cost?" Lady Arcania spoke to the younger mages. Meanwhile, Rif's blood began to boil as she stepped closer towards the stone. She had waited years to find the source that could grant her such power. She cared not for the risk, or the consequences. Her hood was thrown to the side as she ran towards the giant stone. Lady Arcania ran after the power-hungry child, "You fool! You'll kill us all!" Rif's index finger grazed ever so slightly against the stone, a surge of power rippling through her body before Lady Arcania manifested a magical barrier around Rif with ever ounce of her being.

From outside the tomb, a vast carry of colors could be seen in the form of an explosion as it carried into the air and created an aurora borealis. Rif woke up seemingly two days later, surrounded by fragments of the once great stone and the bones of the other mages that ventured into the tomb as well as Lady Arcania. Rif stared in awe, realizing the stone had shattered and all her colleagues had perished. Notabley, an odd glow originated from her head. Fragments of the great stone managed to embed themselves within her hair, forcing portions of her hair to become also rainbow like. After grieving, the power-hungry mage walked over to Lady Arcania's corpse and found the staff she had been eager to have for years aplenty. She escaped from the tomb and never returned the college. Years persisted, her story being discovered and a large bounty being put on herself.

In the time, she had become a powerful, exotic mage. The coin she gathered from the corpse of those that dared attempt to defy and capture her throughout the years were invested in the craft of a unique, enchanted dress. At the age of 27, the woman carried with her a large bounty and a book involving vamprism and rare sightings of those who live amongst the night. Atop this, she created an orginization: Valiban's Corpse, which consisted of skilled mercenaries, thieves and the like that carried out her will for her. Sightings of the woman became rare and to this day, the story of her hair still remains a mystery. <b>"She is..Riftnis Valiban!"</b> </font>
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://flash-mp3-player.net/medias/player_mp3_mini.swf" width="150" height="25"><param name="movie" value="http://flash-mp3-player.net/medias/player_mp3_mini.swf"/><param name="bgcolor" value="#000000"/><param name="FlashVars" value="mp3=http://k001.kiwi6.com/hotlink/er5qei3vri/2am.mp3&autoplay=1&bgcolor=#000000&loadingcolor=FFFFFF&buttoncolor=FFFFFF&slidercolor=FFFFFF"/></object>
<b><u>C o d e x - E n t r y:</u></b><font color=white><i> The Slaving Witch</i>
The unfold, forriben portion of Rif's history: After leaving the ruins where all others but herself perished, she dove into study of ancient magicks and such. She stumbled across hidden information regarding <i>vampires</i>, and <i>werewolves</i>, or 'lycans'. Thus began her experimentation with various 'victims', her own orginzation initially serving the purpose of being her test subjects despite their non-knowing. She needed only witch-doctor-esque forsworn woman at her dispose, afterall. Years persisted, imperfect corpse after imperfect corpse charred to reduce risk of the flawed lycanthrope infection spreading. The years brought failure, but more important brought a single exotic and high valued potion. <i>"At long last." Displaying her gratitude toward the witch-doctor, the forsworn woman was spread across a table and deprived of her limbs one by one until she perished from blood-loss. She couldn't risk the woman spreading news of her discovery. Now, she'd only need the perfect subject to transform into her 'domestic' assistant.

Her men were issued to capture, enslave or kidnap the strongest children from around Cyrodiil. Afterall, a young mind is the easiest to mold. It was not until six months later the woman stood before five selected children, a young 'Percy' being amongst the group. The children were asked questions, told only that the strongest amongst them would attain all the power they could ever desire. Suddenly, the children were subjected to a deathmatch. The single who stood tall amongst the bodies would claim victory. Spells were flung, blades clashed and painful cries of children could be found far and wide. Meanwhile, Riftnus watched with her eyes remaining glued upon Percy, for he displayed both skill with a blade, magical aptitude and cleverness.

Surely enough, the Reguard child lied both panting with blood spattered over his figure and the victor of said deathmatch. He lunged toward her, met by a massive collection of lightning that stilled his motion. The single display of power revealed she:Riftnus, to be the strongest amongst the lot of bantering and skilled band of individuals. The lot responsible for hauling in the child reported that the child along had been responsible for taking out half of her 'recruitment party' before they managed to subdue him. <i>"Seems we've found our perfect candidate.."</i>. After being reassured of what he could become <i>with</i> her capabilities, he soon become her right hand, her ultimate shield in the making. Months would pass, the boy's skill, might and aptitude put to test through vigorous means before she offered the child the sacred potion she had waited years to obtain.

The stronger men and woman amongst her orginzation were told to enter the arena tainted with the blood of children. However, they were not to fight eachother, rathering the fidgeting hulking mass of beast let loose from his cage. The following morning, she returned to the scene of Percy surrounded by crushed bones, hollowed armor sets and blood around his lips. The woman could only laugh aloud in elation. <i>"Perfection."</i> Months would pass, her 'staff's numbers replinished and the boy allowed to tag along as her right hand. Many mistook the child for weak. Equally, many grew jealous and envious of the child for he received both arcane training and wisdom from the Witch herself. Soon enough, he was even trusted with the handling of her slaves and crew.

The woman feared only that Percy would grow up with a sense of companionship. During her leave of the Imperial City, she received by courier pigeon that a white-haired child had been captured and taken to their encampment. Her age and supposed strength without actual weapons intrigued the woman ever so slightly. She took off by carriage and ventured through the land, despite the burning of her carriage and her near-death. She stood before the slave child and was subjected to a vision of both an older version of Percy and the female child standing before her as her united and absolute shields. This made the woman merely laugh aloud as she returned to her camp.
</i><b><u>H e r - V i s i o n</u></b><font color=white>
<a href="http://static.zerochan.net/Kassim.full.1530964.jpg">[ PERCY ]</i></a> ---- <a href="http://safebooru.org//images/1513/4a1553c7d9fb17baf865856bf64c73161087046b.jpg?1585126">[ TA </i></a><a href="http://safebooru.org//images/1154/ddcd4d539637f5e64e8ae9493e8fd5ce192b3ca8.png?1202585">LI ]</i></a>
<i>"Oh, I look forward to seeing what the future holds for these two."</i>


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