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Post by Kunsumi on Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:55 pm

</table><body style="background-color:#1C1C1C;">
<img style="border:6px hidden #F3E2A9;" src="" width="500">
</div><div style="height:692px;width:400px;border:5px double #8A0829;font:12px; overflow:auto;"><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=400><font face=georgia><font size=1><font color=#DF013A><center>
<u>>></u> <b><u>N A M E</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>
Gussi Hoeden</font>

<u>>></u> <b><u>G E N D E R</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>

<u>>></u> <b><u>O C C U P A T I O N</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>
Villian, Mercenary, Part-time Attorney</font>

<u>>></u> <b><u>C O D E</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>

<u>>></u> <b><u>M E A S U R E M E N T S</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>
- Weight: 152 Lbs / ( 68.9 Kg )
- Height: 5'11" / ( 61.32 Inch. )
- Body: 50% Normal, 50% W.T.F</font>

<u>>></u> <b><u>E Q U I P M E N T</u></b><u><<</u>
<b>>> <u>Firearm:</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD> A simple, standard black pistol.</font>

<b>>> <u>The Coin:</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD> A coin used to decide both fate and future. Her trademark instrument to success and or failure. <b>"Heads or tails, doll?"</b>

</font><b>>> <u>Cane:</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD> A reinforced, aesthetically deceiving metallic cane designed to appear as a generic, wooden cane. The bottom of the cane is composed of wood, however. This cane serving as both aid for walking and a blunt weapon.</font>

<u>>></u> <b><u>S K I L L S</u></b> <u><<</u>
<b>>> <u>Marksmanship:</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD> Factors involving aim, precision and firearms is her forte. In short, she possesses great prowess in firing projectiles.</b></font>

<b>>> <u>Intuition Devil:</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD> Acquired from previous history regarding being an attorney, atop being enhanced beyond physical conditions permits Gussi or "Two Face" with the ability to understand things without conscious reaonings greater, in comparison to others. In other words, an instictive feeling.
<u>>></u> <b><u>S U P E R - A B I L I T Y</u></b> <u><<</u>
<b>>> <u>Two Faced:</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD> Bisected in appearance, her right side possesses a charred definition atop having supernatural strength, durability and sight, allowing her to see from greater distances. However, her left side bears no special qualities. In addition, her opposing sides bear varying personalities and ideals as well as voices. In short, she is a rather two faced individual.</b></font>

<u>>></u> <b><u>A P P E A R A N C E</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>
You look her up and down, noticing a woman bisected in half with varying appearances. The left portion bares no abnormalities, apart from a large bust. This portion of her suit is black atop the red lining. However, her right side bears charred skin, hair dialated a striking silver. This portion's flesh is nearby vanished, bare meat exposed with eyes bulging wide in yellow. Both nails and teeth yellow. She looks towards you, and you avert your sights. This is all you are able to gather thus far of the woman known by "Two Face". </font>


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