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Post by Kunsumi on Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:07 pm

</table><table border=0 width=400><td width=400><img src=http://safebooru.org//samples/1442/sample_e03537a00b40b0851de87a931ae02d38418a8c2b.jpg?1510500 width=450><body style="background-color:#FFFFFF;">
<div id="gaf210imvustylez_youtubebox" style="width:450px;height:24px;overflow:hidden;display:table-cell;vertical-align:bottom"><object width="150" height="24"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/znzlW2Hna0U&modestbranding=1&fs=0&rel=0&hd=1&showinfo=0&iv_load_policy=0&autoplay=0&loop=0&version=3&autohide=0&theme=dark"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/znzlW2Hna0U&modestbranding=1&fs=0&rel=0&hd=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=0&iv_load_policy=0&autoplay=0&loop=0&version=3&autohide=0&theme=dark" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" width="450" height="24"></embed></object><!--Youtube player code generated @ http://gaf210.imvustylez.net --><td><div><table border=0 cellspacing=0 bordercolor=#424242 style=border-style:hidden;>
</div><td><center><div style="height:328px;width:400px;border:5px double #8A084B;font:12px; overflow:auto;"><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=400><font face=georgia><font size=1><font color=#FA5882><center>
<u>>></u> <b><u>NAME</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>
Tally G. Majin</font>

<u>>></u> <b><u>AGE</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>

<u>>></u> <b><u>STAMP</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>

<u>>></u> <b><u>EPITHET</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>
Big Momma</font>

<u>>></u> <b><u>GENDER</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>

<u>>></u> <b><u>GUILD - RANK</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>
Royal Arcania <b>[ D-RANK ]</b></font>

<u>>></u> <b><u>TRIVIA</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>
- Favorite Color: Orange
- Height: 5'3" / ( 63.6 Inch. )
- Hobbies: Break-dancing, Performing, Drawing
<div style="height:341px;width:400px;border:5px double #8A084B;font:12px; overflow:auto;"><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=400><font face=georgia><font size=1><font color=#FA5882><center>
<u>>></u> <b><u>MAGIC TYPE</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>
Pict. Magic</font>

<u>>></u> <b><u>CATALYST</u></b> <u><<</u>
<b>>> <u>Stylish:</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD> A specialized make-up kit with a vast array of paint and colors in replacement of actual make-up. Varying brushes as well for varying drawing strokes. Above all, it possesses a built-in mirror since looking hit in the midst of combat is a sin in itself. This kit serves a medium for her PICT. magic.</font>

<u>>></u> <b><u>SPELLS</u></b> <u><<</u>
<b>[ Fancy Art: Struggle Wings ]:</b><font color=#BDBDBD> Using her back as a canvas, Tally draws a pair of wings. Animating said wings into reality, a pair of jagged, angelic-like cartoonish wings sprout from her back to anime flight. In all honesty, these shits are struggling. However, they are funtional to some degree.</font>

<b>[ Fancy Art: <a href="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/GQmWAGreHJY/hqdefault.jpg">Shermin</i></a> ]:</b><font color=#BDBDBD> Tally draws a cartoonish and horribly drawn bird upon an applicable surface. Animated into life, the large bird struggles to keep flight despite being capable of carrying up to three people. "Whee!"</font>

<b>[ Fancy Art: Fancy Flame-uu! ]:</b><font color=#BDBDBD> Drawing a cartoonish dragon upon her stomach, Tally animates it. This resulting in her gaining the ability to expell a small flow of fire magic with the appearance of cartoonish, dragon flames. </font>

<b><s>[ Fancy Art: Fancy Knuckle ]:</s></b><font color=#BDBDBD> Coming Soon!</font></table></div>
<div style="height:302px;width:400px;border:5px double #8A084B;font:12px; overflow:auto;"><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=400><font face=georgia><font size=1><font color=#FA5882><center>
<u>>></u> <b><u>BACK-STORY \\</u></b> <u><<</u><font color=#BDBDBD>
Tally, the infamous A-Rank Child of long forgotten lands. She stood before a dragon that defied her hometown, manifesting a barrier about the area as children and adult ran in fear. The dragonic roar bursted through her defenses, roaring with a ground-quaking intensity. She drew her last creation, a gigantic and pressurized beam sent toward the dragonic beam--clashing together and resulting in a bright flash of white that insued the entire island. Three months would pass, a large and rather elegantly drawn bird by the name of "Shermin" entering the land of Foire.

Draining nearly every ounce of her magical essence that sustain flight and existence, it crashed before the entrance of Royal Arcania with Tally folded within its wings. Landing softly upon the ground after it *poofed*, she lied unconscious and surrounded by those that caught glimpse. Seemingly a month would drift, herself wiped entirely of both her power and memory. She was left only with her own name. Finding herself recruited in the very guild she landed beside, she went on about life as an ordinary mage. Her once elegant drawings were reduced to pathetic drawings and stories she once shared with others now awaiting her in new adventures to come.

"She is..</font><b>Tally G Majin!</b></font>"


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