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<img style="border:0px solid #2E2E2E;" src="" width="400">
<center></table><table bgcolor=#2E2E2E><td width=395><font face=cambria><font size=1><font color=A54BB2><center>
<b><u>N A M E</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD>
Naleficent <s>[ <b>Grenda Ogi</b> ]</s></font>

<b><u>A G E</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD>

<b><u>G E N D E R</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD>

<b><u>C R E S T</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD>

<b><u>D I G I - C O L O R</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD>
Half Black, Half Golden</font>

<b><< </b>- - - - - - <b><u>I N V E N T O R Y</u></b> - - - - - -<b> >></b><font color=#BDBDBD>
- Purse
- Earrings
- Lip-gloss [ <b>Sparkle, Sparkle</b> ]
<b><u>T R I V I A</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD>
- Pointy Ass Ears
- Favorite Color: Violet
- Height: 5'4" ( 64.8 In. )
- Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Tailoring</font>

<b><u>D I G I M O N</u></b> <b>[ <font color=red>DRACMON:</font><font color=#BDBDBD> HARLEY</font> ]</b><font color=#BDBDBD>
<img src=><img src= width=90><img src= width=80><img src= width=90><font color=#2E2E2E>------</font></font>
<b>[<font color=red> LV.1</font> ]<font color=#BDBDBD> Dracmon</b></font> <b>[<font color=red> LV.2</font> ]</b><font color=#BDBDBD> <b>Sangloupmon</b></font> <b>[<font color=red> LV.3</font> ]</b> <font color=#BDBDBD><b>Matadormon</b></font> <b>[<font color=red> LV.4</font> ]</b><font color=#BDBDBD> <b>GranDracmon</b><font color=#BDBDBD></font></font>

<b><u>H I S T O R Y</u></b><font color=#BDBDBD>
<b>"B-But Mom! I-"</b> Gifted with parents of whom shyed away from offering their affection and time due to their business being a higher priority, she progressed through the earlier stages of her life with an ill mentally of <b>"Money, before people."</b> Adopted from her mother, she strutted about with a seemingly of higher stature--branding others as 'below' her or simply inferior. Those that she associate with her utilized as minions, carrying books and such. Returning from home on a day no different than the last, she heard the shattering of glass. <b>"T-the heck!"</b> Beside her was cars held in traffic, a masked figure bursting through a nearby store and aiming his pistol toward a blackened, yet familiar, car. <b>"Out! Fuck out the car, now!"</b> Her eyes widened, hand held over her mouth both in fear and awe as the door opened to reveal her mother exiting the car. <b>"M-..<"No..nononoo.."></b> She searched for her phone in her purse, acting according to her lesson to 'Call 9-1-1 when in danger'. She rose her phone only to meet the sight of her father attemptedly wrestling the masked figure, <b>"Run, Mayvyn, Now!"</b> Two bullets echoed throughout the air, her eyes daring to open only to see her father resting upon the ground with body quivering in disbelief. Her mother swatted to the ground and forced into another oblivion by a bullet that splattered across the span of her temples. Grenda, as if paralyzed, fell to the ground with tears streaming down her day. Their car was stolen, driven from her sights and leaving her in a disarranged, sobbing state.

<b>Two Months Later..</b>
Forced into an adoption center, she was subjected to an altered life. One of which allowed darkened thoughts to linger to her person, changing her for the worst. Within a year she was adopted by a wealthy, affectionate, couple. Despite having riches and affection, she resented every factor of positivity that existed around her. She was given the couple's graduating son's old room. Within the large room she found books and mentionings of <b>"Digimon"</b>. A personal diary was discovered that mentioned that it was his <b>"escape"</b>. Perhaps she could use the same? Delving further into the game of Digimon, she found herself with both a digimon, a family, and affection yet--still lacking a certain something. She often acted out in mischievous ways to gain attention, forcing herself in an antagonist's role as seen in many movies. With the urge to reach greater levels whether in education, or superiority--she became obsessed with becoming greater than any other for the single purpose of feeling as if she could control a SINGLE factor of her own life, for once. After an unexpected win between a person who challenged her, they asked --<b>"Wah! Y-You won? How!? Who are you..?"</b> She could only giggle, striking a pose and answering-

"<b>I am..Naleficent!</b>"</font>
</table><body style="background-color:#240B3B;">


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