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Post by Kunsumi on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:40 am

</table><img src=http://safebooru.org//images/510/e4a4e7ced69147114456be27a946c1e667e48c40.jpg?513006 width=400>
<div><table border=0 cellspacing=0 bordercolor=#084B8A style=border-style:hidden;><td><center>
<table border=4 cellspacing=0 bordercolor=#084B8A bgcolor=#084B8A style=border-style:solid;><td width=438><center><font size=1 face=georgia><font color=#ffffff><b>GRIMINI</b></table><div style="height:346px;width:450px;border:1px solid #084B8A;font:12px; overflow:auto;"><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=450><font color="#084B8A"><font face=georgia><font size=1>
<b></center>NAME:</b><font color=#E6E6E6> Grimini K.</font>

<b>AGE:</b><font color=#E6E6E6> 15</font>

<b>OCCUPATION:</b><font color=#E6E6E6> Supah Warrior</font>

<b>INVENTORY:</b><font color=#E6E6E6>
- Small Backpack</font>

<b>POWER:</b> <i>Dimension Link<font color=red> [ <b>10%</b> ]</font><font color=#E6E6E6>
Capable of merging herself with alternate forms of she from varying dimensions, she takes on new appearances and new abilities that grant her the ability to be 'super' the 'super'-est.
<font color=red><b>GRANTED--</b></font>
[ <b>STRENGTH FORM</b> ]: Armed with a talking boxing glove known by 'Rubilax', Grimini takes on the appearance of what is seen above. Her physical conditioning apart from speed and agility soar to enhanced levels with strength obtaining the greatest boon. As her power control increases, the same occurs for her physical attributes apart from speed and agility.
<font color=red><b>LOCKED UNTIL 30%--</b></font>
[ <a href="http://safebooru.org//images/485/0c657e2d2e3c8bef892ccca11a9ef83f47f19ab6.jpg?486228">SPEED FORM</a> ]: Her Second Form allows her enhanced physical condition apart from strength and durability, speed and agility being the most profound. Atop this, she is armed with three near-indestructable Katanas that can be moved via command, as if by telekenetic means. She takes on the appearance of what is seen in the link and as her power control increases, so does the effectiveness of her physical boons. Katana 1 & 2 are white/blue.</font>
<center><b>POWER 2:</b> <i>UNDECIDED ???<font color=red> [ <b>LOCKED</b> ]</font></center>
</table></div><body style="background-color:#FFFFFF;">


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