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Post by Kunsumi on Sat Nov 29, 2014 6:08 pm

</table><body style="background-color:#000000;">
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</div><table><td width=400><font face=times new roman><font size=1><font color=#DF0174><i>
<b><u>NAME</u></b><font color=white>
Genimi Lockette</font>

<b>AGE</b><font color=white>

<b>RACE</b><font color=white>

<b>OCCUPATION</b><font color=white>

<b>INVENTORY</b><font color=white>
<li type=square>Glasses
<li type=square>Cellular Device
<li type=square>Camera<b>s</b> { <b>Multiples</b> }</font><center>_______________________________</center>
<b>TALENTS</b><font color=white>
<li type=square>Acrobatic Manuerving
<li type=square>Leg Combat { <b>Chun-Bun</b> }
<li type=square>Filming { <b>Photography</b> }</font>

<b>HIDDEN - ABILITY</b><font color=white>
<s>Enhanced Physical Condition</s></font>

<b>ABILITIES</b><font color=white>
Vib<u>rant Explo</u>sion!
Lockette is capable of creating a vibrant explosion of varying colors/pigments when in combat with her legs. Kicks, slams and other forms of slamming or pressing her physical being against anything such as air or another person's existence will trigger a toggable explosion. Said explosions are small ( 3 foot radius ) that are more for visual effect than anything. A being hit by this explosion will not cause their limbs to splatter about, but allow her kicks to become more destructive in many forms. A single explosion is capable of destroying <b>iron</b>, whether in weapon form or in constructs. Having this ability, Lockette is of course resistant to any forms of damage relating to explosions and the like. As previously stated, she can manipulate explosions' color. </font>


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Genimi Lockette Empty Re: Genimi Lockette

Post by Kunsumi on Sat Nov 29, 2014 6:11 pm

</table><body style="background-color:#000000;">
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</div><table><td width=400><font face=times new roman><font size=1><font color=#DF0174><i><center>
<b><u>BACK - STORY \\</u></b><font color=white>
Genimi Lockette, a child of action's waver! To begin, she was born into a low-income family. Since child-hood, Lockette has been fed the idea that she is the last hope for her family to escape the chains of poverty. What little money her parents could thieve for, earn and scrap together was drained directly into Lockette's education. She was given the clothing to look professional, hair care and the like to look the part as well. With long, flowing light-brown hair she tackled a subjected state of life with an intent to please her parents. She was to pursue the medical fields in hopes of having high revenue and enough money to free her parents from their pathetic states. Time could only continue and aid the female to making new realizations. She realized that her family was fragmented, pitiful and fading, along with her memories. What could she call her own if it could not be remembered for long? She grew a hatred for temporary things and with enough savings she bought herself a camera. With this device! She captured moments of her life that could no longer escape her..N-no longer could they dissolve from her grasp.

With this camera sprung forth a passion, to capture, to keep! Lockette joined a photography club before long and pursued her dreams of one day scrolling through a book of her most notable accomplishments and or memories. Now a teenager, she decided to both shorten her hair and take on offensive classes due to the world's imperfections and flaws. The best angles were to be caught at unique positions! And so--she invested time away from school into learning acrobatic manuerving. With a life brimming with excitement and opportunity, what could go wrong? Strolling through a short-cut on her way back from her lessons, she found herself being followed by a shadowed figure. She took off into a sprint! Breaths thickened, tension arised but alas, she was tackled. With struggle the girl screamed aloud only to find herself pressed against the cold hard floor with blood boiling, awaiting commands to spring forth an inner power into life. She rose her leg upon instinct into the figure's stomach, kneeing said person as she had practiced time and time again. However, from this kick originated a --BOOOM-- of massive calor and destruction. A near-lifeless body plopped atop the moised grass and brim with confusion was Lockette as she observed the being and ran away with her eyes buldged wide in fear. "H-help!!"

Years passed from such a discover. The discover that she was nothing normal, a child of vibrant expression both emotionally and supernaturally. With caution, she discovered the core of her abilities and incorportated it with her combat style. Still with a camera in hand, she found herself walking amongst pedestrians on a side-walk. Hands within her pockets and a sudden breeze to allow her shortened locks of light-brown to sway to the side. It reminded her that she could be a supernatural of normal interactions and so she continued to pursue her dreams. One photo, one kick...One bond formed at a time.

"She is..Gemini Lockette!" </font>

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