Kunsumi ( WIP )

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Kunsumi ( WIP )

Post by Kunsumi on Sat Nov 15, 2014 3:03 pm

</table><center><table border=0 cellspacing=0 bordercolor=#084B8A style=border-style:hidden;><td><center>
<table border=4 cellspacing=0 bordercolor=#084B8A bgcolor=#084B8A style=border-style:solid;><td width=1034><center><font size=3 face=cambria><font color=#58ACFA>THE - BLUE - KNIGHT</table><table border=4 cellspacing=0 bordercolor=#084B8A style=border-style:solid;><td><img SRC=http://safebooru.org//images/791/c03f42519e32bb9fb76d016f84a84301f6076760.jpg?796953 width=526><td width=500><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=510><font color="#58ACFA"><font size=1><font face=cambria>
<b><u>NAME:</u></b> \\<font color=white>
Kunsumi Ori'hime</font>

<b><u>AGE:</u></b> \\<font color=white>

<b><u>NICKNAME:</u></b> \\<font color=white>
Knight Of Blue</font>

<b><u>GENDER:</u></b> \\<font color=white>

<b><u>RACE:</u></b> \\<font color=white>

<b><u>AFFILIATION:</u></b> \\<font color=white>

<b><u>BOUNTY:</u></b> \\<font color=white>

<b><u>ACHIVEMENTS:</u></b> \\<font color=white>

<b><u>PROFESSION:</u></b> \\<font color=white>
Polearm Specialist / Blacksmith</font>


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