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<center><img src=https://i.imgur.com/EQTuxNU.png width=400></center><font size=2><font face=cursive><font color=#66cc00><body style="background-color:#000000;">
<b>Name:</b><font color=#ccff66> Kade West</font>

<b>Age:</b><font color=#ccff66> 19</font>

<b>Rank:</b><font color=#ccff66> Warrant Officer</font>

<b>Devil Fruit:</b><font color=#ccff66> Wind Wind No Mi</font>

<b>Occupation:</b><font color=#ccff66> None</font>

<b>Affiliations:</b><font color=#ccff66> Marine</font>

<b>Equipment:</b><font color=#ccff66>
- Marine Outfit
- <b>[ x2 ]</b> <a href="http://cyberxspeed.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/katana-render.jpg">Katana</i></a></font>

<b>Skills</b><font color=#ccff66>
<a href="http://37.media.tumblr.com/01b1325adede45fd7ac7b679addf2b91/tumblr_mhfujiaogu1qiqfw2o4_500.gif">- W I N D I N G - D R I L L</i></a>
When using a weapon or a limb such as an arm or leg the user winds the arm or specific limb at a great speed before releasing the twisted limb, allowing the limb to spin in the opposite direction at a great speed. Increasing the penetrating aspect of attacks with weapons or limbs, resembling a drill.

- W I N D - W I N D - N O - M I
As a wind wind human, Kade is capable of winding or twisting any part of her body at immense speeds. She has become immune to any shape, form or type of damage caused by twisting of any part of her body. As of now, Kade has little experience with her devil fruit abilities as well as understanding of it's capabilities.

<a href="http://parodi.unblog.fr/files/2009/07/tddh.gif">- R O T A T I N G - D E V A S T A T I O N
</i></a>Kade spins her entire body in a clockwise motion and at an immense speed, creating a large gust around her that quickly forms into a spiraling barrier of razor sharp wind that spreads in all direction by 15 feet. Those who are within range are subjected to the razor wind that could shred through iron with ease. Projectiles such as bullets and such are what this defensive and offensive move shields against best.</font>

<b>History</b><font color=#ccff66>
Within the East Blue exists a Village, known as Foosha Village. In this village oftently referred to as 'Windmill Village' a child was born, named 'Kade West' by her mother who was aided at birth by a local doctor. She was said to be completely healthy and all seemed in order, except her father was no where to be seen. Her father worked as somewhat of a genetisist, examining and testing various genes of plants in hopes of creating a rainbow flower. .one he could present to his daughter when she was grown and this career at the moment seemed to be more important than the birth of his own daughter.

As the child grew up she was told countless stories of adventure, of pirates who plundered the lands in search of gold and even the vass ocean that has aided countless souls in fulfilling their dreams. Her eyes sparkled with glee everytime she thought of it and she obtained a dream to soon set out in the sea for exploration and adventure! Her parents took notice of this eventually and also made her aware of the dangers of the sea, which frightened the child at first though it subsided. .clearly overshadowed by her dream which she promise would eventually come tru.

Now at the age of twelve a female with blonde hair gazed upon the vast sea, arms spread wide and a smile upon her face. "Within time I will be able to explore you. .wait for me, and aid me as you have so many others in fulfilling my drea-" A wizzing sound was heard and she paused in the middle of her words. Just above her head flew a large cannon, her eyes shrinked in terror and she dropped to the ground. A loud thump occuring as well as the massive BOOM! which she attempted to cover her ears from, she was frozen. .petrified with terror. Her eyes slightly opened and revealed a relatively small ship incoming. .with a white flag and a skull with two cutlasses crossed waving at the aid of the wind.

"P-. .Pirates!", the young child muttered as she picked herself up to her feet. Looking behind herself and noticing her house completely destroyed, "No--Mama! Da-" The flames bursted. .sending her flying a few feet back. She picked herself up once more and hesitantly ran towards the flaming house collapsing before her. Through the cracked window she could see two bodies under a pile of burning wood planks and her face lost all emotion. .no tears could be seen and she simply fell to her knee's knowing there was nothing she could do to save the lives of her parents.

As the child layed upon the dirth path and before the burning house, she noticed by the shore a group of men and behind them an anchored ship, though she could not move. .and her vision steadily blurred until she became unconscious.

"Get'er up boy'oes, this one is young. .make'r my slave!"

As she eventually came to, she heard the faint voice of the one who had captured her, the pirates plundered what they deemed as valuable from the town and departed. .their captain taking interest in a young female passed out on the ground, though what mattered now was that she was still alive. She attempted to move, though found herself constricted by rope. Her vision was intially blurred though after she blinked a few times it returned to normal, "W-where am I?" She thought to herself while looking around. .Water, yes water is all she could see. Far and wide the blue ocean captured her sight and her eyes brightened, she was left in the back of the small ship. "Give me the map!", she heard. .shifting her head in the direction and struggling to gain freedom from the ropes. "You? someone who couldn't even navigate us from Loguetown to here. .no way!" --"I said give it!" She continued to listen to the pirates argue, eventually they settled upon the one who could lead the course. .though their choice was sadly a poor one since they now where headed for Shell Town.

Along the sail to Shell Town she was moved to the Captain's Quaters, chained along the wall wearing nothing but ragged clothing. The Captain stared at the child, "Keeshesheshe..I'dunno what'cha wondering little one but you can forget about returning home. Your my future wife and together we'll have tooons of babies Keeshesheshe" The pirate's cheeks were red, clearly intoxicated and he grabbed a rather peculiar looking fruit. "You see this? This here is what'll help me become the pirate king!" In the distance a fued between two pirates could be heard, the Captain lowered the fruit to the bed and stormed out of the door "Good for nothings--You stay here little miss..I'll be back." The Ship came to a sudden stop with a loud 'Thump', the ship shook and the fruit that lied on the bed went flying into the air. Kade's eyes followed the fruit as it neared her and now with it pressing against her leg she gulped. Her stomach reacted in a growl, she lowered her mouth to the fruit and without hesitating ate the fruit even though the taste was certainly something that made her regret the very action. Meanwhile the captain found out the crewmate rammed the ship against the harbor of Shell Town and threw him overboard, "Stupid.Stupid.STUPID!"

The crewmates began to unload and only until they approached the island did they notice the armed marines with a distinguished figure in a striped suit and slicked back green hair. "Ohhhhuhuhu, welcome to Shell Town pirates. So glad you could make it." The captain stood there, boiling in rage and mentally blaming his crew for bringing them to the wrong location. "Keeshehe..so this is the end eh? I hate ya' good-for-nothin' pirates." The pirates were arrested without struggle and an inspection was made on the ship, Kade was found by a Marine with two swords in hand and finally--she was rescued from the pirates.

<i>Two Years Later. . .</i>

In shell island there lives a female by the name of Kade West, hair noticabley longer and sweat trickling down her face as she striked the air with a bokken. It would seem as if she had been trained by the very person who saved her two years ago, "Relax your shoulders Kade. Fix your stance." Things heard as they trained, no longer could she tell the time of day and now at the age of 18 she continued to strengthen herself both mentally and physically in order to join the marines. Within those two years she was taken in by a marine and told stories of the world she lives in, of pirates, marines, bounty hunters as well as the goal of most pirates and why the marines exist. It was implented into her mind that pirates were the scum of the earth and the general 'evil' of existence. <"I'll eliminate them all">. She was allowed dual bokken's for the purpose of training and upon finally joining the marines she was asked a question by the one who saved her, "What is your objective..Kade?"
"My objective hmm? Hn..my objective is to become the light that shines upon the darkness that exists in this world. To cleave my own path towards success with my blade in the name of Justice and to eradicate the word of all that is evil..that is what I plan to do with my life."

<i>Now. .</i>
Having being taught the basics of what a marine is and how to conduct one'self she found it rather easy to adjust to the lifestyle of a marine. She was given the position of Chore Girl, held responsible for cleaning ships and marine buildings as well as weapons and so on. This bothered her, though she was reminded that a greater calling awaited for her in the future and all that was needed was a pure mind and patience. In this existence Kade wishes to see how far she can come to completing her objective as well as what lies in store for her along the way and only time will tell if she is successful or not.

"She is..Kade West!"


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