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<b><u>D</u> E T E C T I V E - <u>V</u> I X E Y</b>

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<b>PKMN Species</b>

Tail Whip
Confuse Ray
Quick Attack

// <b>BACK - STORY</b>
"Quick, Vixey, use Confuse Ray!" A male sporting a hat and trench-coat would order a vulpix. "Vulllllpix!" Said vuplix would yell in a prolounged fashion as it exposed the area to a sinister ray which induced the cuplrit in a confusion. "CLICK -- CLICK" Sounds heard as a detective clamped shackles onto the confused figure wearing a ski-mask. The culprit's face was exposed, putting an end to yet another unsolved case and giving another victory to the team of Detective Vixey and her trainer.

A dectective pokemon you question? Why yes, quite the original combination but true nonetheless. A young vuplix could be found on a rainy day no more peculiar than the last, limping while breathing faint embers to sustain it's own injured and ever so faint life-force. It collapsed before a door, the door of a police-station in which it found it'self inside the next morning. It was taken in by a detective that arrived not to long after it's collapse, spending the night ensuring that the vixen was alive and well restored. It's initial sight was a giant figure with white skin and a trench-coat standing over it, spraying a substance from a bottle onto it's side and applying a small toil afterwards. It's pain subsided eventually, allowing it to stand and acknowledge the man with a simple "Vul-..Vulpix!"

Whether due to the fact that the human saved her life, she became severely attached to him. Initially, it followed him around the police station and sat in his lap when the opportunity arrived. Time passed and a bond was forced to say the least, leading to the capture of the vuplix and a plan that would certainly spark originality in the name of work partners. The vulpix was given a small hat and a tie, such attire causing the vulpix to stumble and or shake off due to the lack of comfort. However, she eventually grew used to such odd clothing for a pokemon and was taken into training by specialized members of the force. Growlithes were usually the pokemon that aided police in their line of work though for once a small vuplix would be seen training it's nose, tracking and raising it's senses through various training sessions and methods. This would continue on for a year until it was actually seen as worth anything. It's senses had been trained significially and it was able to take orders from humans and perceive them well enough to carry them out successfuly. Detective Vixey and her trainer's bond only growing stronger in the struggle to turn an ordinary pokemon into a trainer tracker and detective in a sense.

<b>2 Months Later</b> ...
The duo tackled case after case together, furthering their reputation in the force and receiving promotions accordingly. Vixey was kind, alert and even more so intelligent. Even if her life had little meaning behind it, it was a life she wished to continue till the end with the very detective that saved her seemingly years ago. This would be the case, if only reality hadn't acknowledged a strong bond and taken it by it's core before destroying ever last fragment with a single event. With night insueing the day in black and shadows, the duo could be found tracking a suspicious male known for pokemon sexual abuse. However, this was a case the two had taken alone, without the help of the force. In the alley, the vixen sniffing about and tracking foot-prints suddenly came to a stop as it noticed a wicked figure with a pistol pointing straight towards it's small figure. She quaked in fright, her training had done nothing to prepare her for actually being caught and the possibility of death. "Damn Fox, should of stayed in the FUCKING FOREST-" --"BANG"--A gunshot was heard as well as the quick steps and a "WOOSH". Vixey clinched and shut her eyes in fright, revealing them to see a male with a trench-coat on the ground before her with a steady flow of red leaking and mixing in with the puddles of water on the ground.

"Vu---V-..Vupli--RUN!" The male would scream, interrupting his beloved companion and clenching his chest as he gave a final glance towards Vixey. Her eyes quaked in terror, her very first sight of death and even more so, the witnessing of her partner's potential death. She wouldn't dare leave his side, she wouldn't have atleast. With the armed man standing in fright himself, pistol quaking inbetween in his very fingers. He fired once more, hitting the area next to Vixey and causing her to wince. "F-FOLLOW YOUR LAST ORDERS, VIXEY!" He demanded, squeezing his own chest ever so harshly as if holding onto what remained of his own life. She turned, taking a last glance towards him before running away. Vixey escaped, hearing a final "BANG" crackle throughout the air as she fled from the scene. Through the rain Vixey ran, through mud and into the forest. The terrified pokemon ran until it became unconscious, the only thought that dwelled within her mind being the appearance of her partner. "Vul-..Vulllpix."

<b>One Month Later</b> ...
Time passed, day by day, week by week. Vixey returned to the scene of crime time and time again, never to see her partner again. It sparked curiosity in the semi-oblivious pokemon, leaving it to running around the city day after day in search of figures with trench-coats. The police station she once lived in was boarded up and out of commission. She was left with nothing, abandoned and left to wonder why no trace of her partner existed. Eventually, the once optimistic vixen would face the facts that no one would return for her. She was alone, an ordinary pokemon sporting a dingy hat and tie. As if by nature, it returned to the forest and began it's life as a wild or..abandoned pokemon. It's tie was torn off during a clash with a hostile pokemon and it was forced to adapt to the life of kill or be killed. All other creatures that were not it's partner were seen as inferior, insignificant in all aspects and generally wastes of existence. The Vuplix began to grow cold, it's heart strayed away from the warmth of contentment it once knew and sent spiraling downward in a mass of questions and negative feelings. This is the tale of Dectective Vixey. However, it is not the end of Vixey's story. It is only the beginning.


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