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</table><body style="background-color:#000000;">
<img style="border:6px hidden #F3E2A9;" src="http://safebooru.org//samples/1236/sample_428fc4df3d6d4c6ef82158c900cfc16204a4ec08.png?1288890" width="420" height="600">
<div style="height:366px;width:385px;border:2px solid #81BEF7;font:12px; overflow:auto;"><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=400><font color="#5882FA"><font face=arial></center><font size=1><b>Name</b><br><font color=#FFFFFF>
Kinsi Mi'hae "Enchanter Azul"<br><br></font>

<b>Age</b><br><font color=#FFFFFF>

<b>Gender</b><br><font color=#FFFFFF>

<b>Race</b><br><font color=#FFFFFF>
Enhanced Human<br><br></font>

<b>Personality</b><br><font color=#FFFFFF>
Shy - Optimistic - Brave<br><br></font>

<b>Racial Properties</b><br><font color=#FFFFFF><center>
<b><u>x | Enhanced Condition | x</u></b><br>Her body functions are 'enhanced', in other words her body as a whole is far greater when compared to an average human. This affects her strength, agility, speed and most of all reflexes and things along those lines. Her body is also more resistant against things such as illnesses, diseases and poisons.<br><br>
<b><u>x | Enhanced Adaptation | x</u> </b><br>
Since birth, Kinsi has been able to adapt to enviornments that may be out of the ordinary and harsh or the like. This varies from temporarily gaining gills to swim, sharper nails to climb or nearly any given cenario. The only limit is that whatever she gains from adapting to her enviornment will last for <b>ten posts.</b><br>
<div style="height:272px;width:385px;border:2px solid #81BEF7;font:12px; overflow:auto;"><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=400><font color="#5882FA"><font face=arial><center><font size=1><b>Abilities & Skills</b><br><font color=#FFFFFF></center>
<li><b>Swordsmanship </b> | B+<br>
<li><b>Passive Reasoning | B-</b></b><br>
<li><b>Acrobatic Manuevering | B-</b><br><br><center>
<b><u>x | Azul Enchant | x</u></b><br>
Kinsi has the ability to summon floating symbols that are blue in color. These symbols have the ability to enhance the durability, strength, quality and or sharpness of a weapon she bestows said symbols upon. When activated, the item enchanted will be encased in a blue glow and the symbols can also be easily removed but only by Kinsi. If she uses it upon herself, it would only improve a single quality for herself for up to <b>two posts</b> but with others it is <b>five</b>.<br><br>
<b><u>x | Speed Burst | x</u></b><br>Through focusing her strength towards her lower half, she is capable of moving at blinding speeds in any direction for 6 meters in distance, any more would subject her to tunnel vision. This can be used to literally dash into the sky though can only be used <b>twice in one post</b> until improved upon.<br><br></font></table></div><br>
<div style="height:203px;width:385px;border:2px solid #81BEF7;font:12px; overflow:auto;"><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=400><font color="#5882FA"><font face=arial><center><font size=1><b>Equipment</b><br><font color=#FFFFFF></center><center><br>
<b><u>x | <a href="http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs28/i/2008/153/2/2/Radiant_Blade_Katana_by_Madmann135.jpg">Narubi Azul</i></a> | x</b></u><br>
Kinsi's main weapon, a katana that is held by a handle primarily black in color. As for the blade, it is crafted from titanium of a dependable quality and upon reflecting the night sky the edge of the well crafted blade will glow blue. The blade of this katana is orginally 3 ft long though can extend to 6 ft max.<br><br>
<b><u>x | Nel Desu | x</b></u><br>
The cloak that is shown in her picture. Long sleeves and most commonly rests on Kinsi's shoulder. The only significant things worth mentioning about the clothing is that it is enchanted, magically enhanced in other words. No matter if moving at a fast speed, the cloak will stay on her shoulders. Apart from that, it holds a high resistance to hot temperatures. Color is primarily blue & black.<br>
<div style="height:203px;width:385px;border:2px solid #81BEF7;font:12px; overflow:auto;"><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=400><font color="#5882FA"><font face=arial><center><font size=1><b>History</b> - <i>A New Life & A Shadow Of Protection</i><br><font color=#FFFFFF></center><center><br>
Kinsi was born on a date that illudes herself, with a loss of parents now she finds herself dwelling upon the past of what used to be. Time and time again she attempts to mend together the broken thoughts of her parents and herself co-existing. The warmth, unity and happiness felt back then ..if only she could experience such things just once .. more.<br><br>

This story will be rather short compared the past legends crafted from DPoA's creativity. It will also begin where Kinsi's memory pertaining to her background is sketchy, though still existent. The naturally blue haired female walked alongside a tall dark-skinned male, one who beared a smile at all times and protected her from any harm. This, was none other than her father and a man who went by the name "Enchanter Blue" for his abilities seemed to match such a title. Kinsi's mother went unfortunate ending and died at the hands of an unknown illness, tis' rather cliche though that is the harsh reality she and countless others have been subjected with. It was said that she held her mother's hand all the while the two were together, which might explain why she developed somewhat of a timid or shy nature when forcefully seperated from such a caring being. <br><br>
Exploration and a dream, her father wished to do a total of three things before death. One, bestow his knowledge upon his only child..Kinsi. Two, explore the world as much as possible before meeting a similar fate as his wife. Three, prevent Kinsi from living the same type of life as her. A life of unecessary bloodshed, of inequality and regretful decisions. These three objectives were filled slowly but all together. Kinsi and her father traveled, meanwhile she was taught an assortment of different things about nature, life, the actual worth of life, swordsmanship and so on. "Your blade must never be drawn unless her life is truly in danger for with great power, comes great responsibilties." "R-Right!"

Kinsi at the time thought little of her situation, denied given a toy at young ages and instead received a bokken and books to read from. This is not to say her father was strict, it was simply a way of his father wanting to teach her as much as possible for their parting ways steadily became more and more at reach as the years passed by. At the age of 16, Kinsi was told more about peace for only then did her father believe she could truly grasp his words. He by then was aged, slow and easily winded. Small tasks became more of a chore and now laying upon a grassy plain beside a tree was a man speaking his final words.

"Kins--*cough* Kinsi..please, my dear come closer. Allow an old man to share his final words before going to meet your mother. In this life, there are those who shed the blood of others for entertainment, false sense of danger or --*coughing*. I am fine ..I-..I'm fine, I can still speak if anything. There is something in life called 'Peace', something many others have given up on or simply have never been able to witness the equalizing results of such a state in reality. Either way, before this old man pasts away I atleast would like to ask something of you. If possible, think carefully about your actions my dear. Allow anyone you met, if not a handful of people to experience peace an-..and live a life of happiness. It is not something that is determined by the amount of coin in your pocket, but the relationships you make with others and the experiences that along the way. M-..my time has ended, though hopefully without me dragging you down your own adventure can truly begin. Take..t-these." Lasts words she remembered, standing over her father with tears in the form of streams tricking down her face. A cloak primarily blue and black in color, "To protect." He said before handing his daughter a weapon he crafted himself, a katana that shined in blue upon the midnight sky. "To carve your way towards success." True lasts words spoken before he ..passed. With the cloak and katana thrown to the ground, Kinsi held her father's corpse and cried aloud for now there was no one to call her own. She was left with two objects to continue on her life with and now longer could she feel the shadow of protection that shaded over her for years.

<i>Years Later</i>

As her father requested before death, she lived a life of peace and equality. With a world full of unique creatures, she thought and treated them all the same even if they were proven hostile. She continued to explore the world, seeing what it had to offer her in life. With the blue and black cloak draped over her swaying within the breeze that passed her by, she set upon the sky and thought of her parents. "Thank you.." She mouthed to herself. A katana was equipped to her side and with somewhat of a meaning in life she will continue her existence, not as a female ..but as an equalizer. Shedding light upon the dark that has tainted the heart's of many and hopefully living up to her father's name.<br><br>

"For she is..The Enchanter Azul!"
<div style="height:334px;width:385px;border:2px solid #81BEF7;font:12px; overflow:auto;"><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=400><font color="#5882FA"><font face=arial><center><font size=1><b>Locked</b><br><font color=#FFFFFF><br><br>
<u><b>x | Supernatural Condition | x</b><br></u>
Long story short, it is an improved version of 'Enhanced Condition'. She becomes capable of far greater feats, whether it be running at speeds to create after images or striking with enough force to quake her vicinity. Durability equal to monsters far larger in size to herself and so on.<br><br>
<u><b>x | Soothing Blue | x</b><br></u>
Kinsi becomes capable of creating a blue aura that has healing properties. It is to relieve the pain felt by others and close wounds. Small wounds will take five minutes while medium and larger wounds will take up to an hour or more depending upon the size. It can be used for the mind, to relieve stress and restore a person's equalibrium. <br><br>

<u><b>x | Final Upgrade | x</b><br></u>
This is nothing more than mastered states of her current abilities. Speed burst will become 'Final Burst', allowing her to move at unparallel speeds for up to 8 meters though instead of a limit of two a post, it is five. As for her enchantments, she will become capable of creating stronger ones to say the least. Still blue in color, though more powerful in effect and lasting longer than before. Self enchant will reach a maximum of ten posts and enchantments for others will be capped at fifteen while weapon enhancements have no limit.<br>
<div style="height:50px;width:385px;border:2px solid #81BEF7;font:12px; overflow:auto;"><table border=0 bgcolor=#2E2E2E><tr><td width=400>
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