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Jenta ( Male of Jenata ) Empty Jenta ( Male of Jenata )

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<table border=4 bgcolor=black> <tr><td width=380><img src= width=380>
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<table border=4 bgcolor=black> <tr><td width=400><font size=1><font face=times new roman><center><font color=#2E64FE></center>
<b>x Name</b><Font color=white>
Jenta K. (Jean-Tah | Kay )</font>

<b>x Age</b><Font color=white>

<b>x Gender</b><Font color=white>

<b>x Race</b><Font color=white>

<b>x Class</b><Font color=white>
3rd - "H-how did this happen?"</font>

<b>x Club</b><Font color=white>

<b>x Occupation</b><Font color=white>

<b>x Nickname</b><Font color=white>
The Shaded Blue</font>

<b>x Specialize</b><Font color=white>
- Control 101</font>

<b>x Inventory</b><Font color=white>
- Glasses
- Briefcase
- Dorm Key
- Cell Phone
- Extendable Titanium Bo-Staff</font>

<b>x Skills</b><Font color=white>
- Enhanced Brain Capacity
- Advanced Literature & Calligraphy
- Adept Bo-Staff Usage</font>

<b>x Abilities:</b> <a href="">Shadow Guardian</i></a><Font color=white>
Jenta has the ability to channel a being inside of himself and allow it to enter the physical world through his shadow. The creature summoned is a 'blue dragon' that serves only Jenta. This guardian is nearly 25 feet tall and has a pair of broad blue wings that can withstand up to 2 tons of force and of course allow it flight. As for it's strength, it is capable of punching through solid iron. Durability is where this creature's strong point exists as it serves to protect Jenta from harm. It is capable of tanking massive amounts of physical and mental force (1.5 tons) and due to it's scales has high elemental resistence. Being a Shadow guardian means that it mostly moves the way Jenta moves, for example if Jenta punches forward or roars--so will it. The name of this guardian is Popo.</font>

<i>The Awakened</i><Font color=white> - <b>Locked</b>
When the beast inside of Jenta has deemed him worthy enough, he will allow Jenta to summon him on command. When this occurs, an assortment of new abilities will be Popo's. The blue dragon will be capable of breathing fire and his scales will become thicker, increasing his durability immensely and overall strength. He will also grow larger claws and most importantly will be capable of morphing with Jenta, allowing Jenta to take on a hybrid form of himself and Popo which will grant him all the abilities of Popo though his scales will only be capable of tanking a percentage (.50% ) of what the original Popo could by both physical and elemental means.
</table><body style="background-color:#FFFFFF;">
<table border=4 bgcolor=black> <tr><td width=400><font size=1><font face=times new roman><center><font color=#2E64FE>
<b>x History x</b><Font color=white>
In such a lackluster existence of living up to the expectations given to him by his creators there is not much to say about his past. He was born into a privledged family, a cliche bond of two who placed their wants and expectations onto him at a young age. He was forced to substitute a normal life for books and lessons ontop of the ones given to him at school. His personality was the first to be affected by this swift. Instead of being the optimistic and playful he once was, he became somewhat of a shy male that put on a positive front for his parents. Although his parents both wished the best for him, their relationship had been at the brink of destruction ever since he turned 2. His father was an abusive man who loved to dominate over others and hurt others as result. In the midst of a normal night Jenta walked down the stairs, only to witness his mother being beaten to death by his father. They both glanced towards the child and a single tear would escape his mother's eye, in that very moment he felt a sudden something. A something he felt once before but never this strong, it felt as if another being lied within himself and at the very moment he could only think about saving his own mother. From his shadow a large, blue creature began to manifest and a sudden roar could be heard before it all ended in the form of a blurred vision.

The following morning he woke up in his bed, along side his beloved mother who could only smile at her child for it would seem her genes had allowed him to possess a certain gift that she herself feared ever since her own childhood. " saved me." The very words spoken forced the child to conjure an assortment of questions, what happend on that very night and where was his father? Eventually he was told that his father was killed by his own hands and in the kitchen floor lied a massive crater. He was almost informed of his genes and the monster that lied within him. Intially this frightened him, to suddenly change from being a normal being to a gifted supernatural. He wanted nothing to do with it, he simply wished to continue his lackluster life of studying and eventually making his family proud though his mother enrolled him into Meizeraki High. For she feared that his great power could fall into the wrong hands and this could possibly be his opportunity to travel a better path than she, who was forcefully extracted of her own powers upon giving birth to Jenta.

It was his mothers wish and eventually he learned to respect her decisions. However, he could never learn to unleash the being inside of himself unless he was in a dire situation. In the end he began to think about what he wanted instead what his parents expected of him. He learned that he was a being who wished to somehow better the world he lived in, not as a hero or in the name of justice but just so he could experience a day where the decisions of others were not dictated by the opinions of others. Perhaps he wished for a day where mankind could learn to understand one another, where peace could truly exist and in the end there would only remain harmony and joy. This self-realization however did not help him in the entrance exam, he was beyond hesitant and could never unleash the beast as said before on command and as a result was placed under third class. With the beast inside of himself he will continue to make his strive towards peace, towards a day when he has no burdens and can truly look himself as a being who has honestly attributed to the said to be impossible state of life, World Peace.

"He is..Jenta K.!"</font>
</table><body style="background-color:#FFFFFF;">
<table border=4 bgcolor=black> <tr><td width=200><font size=1><font face=times new roman><center><font color=#2E64FE>
<b>x Report Cardx</b><Font color=white></center>
<b>Alchemy 101-</b> N/A
<b>Gym-</b> N/A
<b>Stealth 101-</b> N/A
<b>Control 101-</b> N/A
-- <b>EXTRA</b> --


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