W . I . P // Kusubi Night // ( Onikoto City or w/e )

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W . I . P // Kusubi Night // ( Onikoto City or w/e ) Empty W . I . P // Kusubi Night // ( Onikoto City or w/e )

Post by Kunsumi on Thu May 01, 2014 10:17 pm

</table><table width=400><tr><td><center><font color=darkred><font size=6><font face=fantasy>
<b>Kusubi Night
<img src=http://s1.zerochan.net/Sakura.Kyouko.600.1038727.jpg width=400></table><table><td width=400>
<font face=times new roman><font size=2><font color=darkred><i><b>Name \\</b><font color=white>
Kusubi Night</font>

<b>Age\\</b><font color=white>

<b>Gender \\</b><font color=white>

<b>Occupation \\</b><font color=white>

<b>Abilities \\</b><font color=white>
<li>Acrobatic | C+ |
<li>Weapon Use: Spear | A+ |</font>
<b>Power \\ Pressure Intensification \\ 15%</b></i><font color=white>
Kusubi is capable of dramatically increasing the exertion of force in which an object, substance and so on comes into contact with. Allowing acts such as flicking a pencil, capable of piercing through solid metal for example. She is not capable of decreasing pressure however, making this power only a part of 'Pressure Manipulation'. As her power control increases she will be able to increase 'pressure' to higher degree's.</center>
<font color=darkred>[ <font color=white>25%<font color=darkred> ] <b><i>Wind Barrier</i></b><font color=white>
Kusabi increases the pressure of the wind within her vicinity, creating a dense block of wind that serves as a barrier to block and or cut projectiles and physical attacks that come into contact. 15 feet wide in all directions or a single direction is the maximum.
<font color=darkred>
[ <font color=white>50%<font color=darkred> ] <b><i>Piercing Shockwave</i></b><font color=white>
With a weapon or not she strikes forward and increasing the pressure of the wind around her weapon or whatever she chooses to strike, sending forth a nearby invisible shockwave that is narrow but 15 feet tall in height. This attack possesses the potential to pierce even through heavy defenses and such. It can be charged up to 2 posts, making it even more effective.
<font color=darkred>
[ <font color=white>75%<font color=darkred> ] <b><i>Crushing Presence</i></b><font color=white>
Kusubi can create an pressure that quite literally comes from her presence, increasing the pressure of her presence is what she does in order to create a thick aura around herself that is capable of crushing anything within her vicinity. The range of this crushing aura is 20 feet and brings an average human to their knee's upon contact, forcing them into the ground below.
<font color=darkred>
[ <font color=white>100%<font color=darkred> ] <a href="http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140110234046/powerlisting/images/7/73/Extreme_Decapitating_Airwaves.png">Exhale Graviton</a><font color=white>
Once Kusubi has reached the peak of her proficiency with Pressure Manipulation she will be able to perform an attack that requires her to inhale for 2 posts. Upon exhaling the air that is exhaled is dramatically intensified in pressure allowing it to become a dense and enormous wave of pressurized wind that is sent towards her opponents. The attack sends forth massive slices of pressurized wind as well in a random fashion, slicing anything it comes into contact with and is overall powerful enough to destroy numerous buildings. Such a power is not unecessary though she will be capable of using it as somewhat or a last resort as it heavily drains the user of energy once the attack has stopped.

<font color=darkred><center>Range (13.716 Meters High and Across)</center><center><font color=white>________________________________________
<b>Weapon: <a href="http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/150/e/2/kyoko_sakura_wallpaper_by_archerus-d676uuu.jpg">Narubi XII</a><font color=white>
Narubi XII</i></b> is a spear that is currently wielded by Kusubi. It's handle is 4 feet long and the blade is 18 inches long, the sharp tip of the spear matches steel in durability and 'hardness' as well as sharpness. The handle can be broken into a total of 5 parts that are connected by a broad chain, allowing the weapon to be wrapped around her opponents. This is activated by a tight grip upon the handle and forms back into a proper handle once the grip is loosened. This weapon can be materialized and dematerialized at any time, this is only capable for Kusubi Night

<b>Power \\ ??? \\ Locked</b></i><font color=white>

<b>Biography</b> \\ Mysteries Shrouded In Blood<font color=white></i>

History - Optional & Doesn't increase power control.


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