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Post by Kunsumi on Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:31 pm

</table><table width=400><tr><td><center><font color=darkred><font size=6><font face=fantasy>
<b>Kusubi Night
<img src=http://s1.zerochan.net/Sakura.Kyouko.600.1038727.jpg width=400></table><table><td width=400>
<font face=times new roman><font size=2><font color=darkred><i><b>Name \\</b><font color=white>
Kusubi Night</font>

<b>Age\\</b><font color=white>

<b>Gender \\</b><font color=white>

<b>Partner \\</b><font color=white>

<b>Occupation \\</b><font color=white>
Weapon / Student</font>

<b>Stage Name \\</b><font color=white>

<b>Weapon Form \\</b> <a href="https://2img.net/h/i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm116/yizus_015/renders/Hiruko.png">Demon Tail</a><font color=white></i>
Kusubi Night is a demonic tail that serves as an effective defense for her meister, though also a powerful offense. At full length the tail is 25 feet long and when with a meister she attaches to their waist, just as a normal tail would. At the edge of the tail is a sharp tip that can pierce through solid rock. The tail it'self surpasses steel in durability and 'hardness', making it a difficult weapon to break through.

When with a meister she can shrink in length or extend, each part of her name is attached by a joint which is protected by the thick tail it'self though can be revealed which makes the tail 32 feet long and allows her to twist rapidly in order to become a powerful piercing weapon. While in her weapon form she weights nearly 862 lbs though is weightless to herself and her meister. The tail is swift in movement despite it's weight and size.<center>

<b>Biography</b> \\ Mysteries Shrouded In Blood<font color=white></i>

With the desert's heart steadily stripping the child of her consciousness and a hazzed vision a child with scarlet red hair gazed upon the two figures that lied before her. They appeared to be her parents though they sat upon the ground, lifeless. Blood could be seen within her vicinity and above her would be the tip of a tail, dripping with the blood of her parents. A hand was gripped upon the left half of her face and she screamed aloud.

<font face=fantasy><font size=3>Two Days Later . . .

<font size=2><font face=times new roman>Within the walls of Death City, Nevada woke up. It would seem as if she passed out from the heat and now only thoughts of the passed welled her mind. As she tried to lift herself she was forced back down by a man with blue hair, "Shh" He whispered. Once again she rested her head upon the pillow and began to speak to the male with blue hair. They spoke about past experiences and how he rescued her from the desert along his travel to Death City. "Kunsumi is my name child", a faint memory she recalled as well as his offer for her to stay with him for a month.

<font face=fantasy><font size=3>One Month Later . . .

<font size=2><font face=times new roman>She now stood at the entrance of her home as a blue haired male began to walk away. They exchanged goodbyes and now with feelings of sorrow conjured by the depature of Kunsumi she dropped to her knee's and contemplated where she would go from there. "D.W.M.A" where the last words she heard from the blue haired male and with that in mind she slowly kicked herself up and looked towards the sky. "Return to me Kunsumi..and be my Meister," Kunsumi had filled her with thoughts of them pairing up if she could become strong enough and in order to obtain the strength he recommended she join the D.W.M.A. "I will only return when you have become strong enough for me to wield you with pride."

With an objective in mind and determination she enrolled or 'joined' the D.W.M.A. Initially she refused to bond with anyone as her meister was to be Kunsumi, though as the years passed she found that the blue haired male never returned. She felt all alone, as if she had been lied to and only then did her past began to unveil it'self in the form of broken memories. "Demon! ..A Demon!" A male and a female screamed as their lasts words in the desert, before a certain someone with a tail hovering above her head.<font color=darkred>

More Of Her Past Will Be Discovered As Time Progresses \\

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